let us pay attention to another book, it is kitab us sunnah by abdullah bin ahmad bin hanbal
and it takhreej has been done by mohammad bin saeed bin salim al qahtani

in kitab us sunnah, vol 1, page 187, narration 248, we find that auzai had said that

abu hanifa is the most evil (along with abu muslim) being born in islam

we have talked of it before as well
however, here we see that sanad has been termed

“all narrators are thiqa”

in kitab us sunnah, abdullah bin ahmad bin hanbal, vol 1, page 204, we find a narration already discussed with another sanad

311- Sufian thori said: ‘Abu Hanifa repented from Kufr twice’

researcher of the book says:-

all narrators are thiqa

then we find

312- auzai said that none has born in islam more unfortunate than abu hanifa

researcher of the book says:

all narratos are thiq