i was reading tohfa athna ashariyya, and found some thing really interesting
let me share

this cheat writes in his tohfa


they lie upon ahlusunnah that they have accepted kharijis and harwiyya as thiqa and just
, and taken narrations from them in their books. they even say that bukhari took narration from ibn muljam in his sahih

this is an open lie and false allegation and to make the shame, it is sufficient to show them the glories of our books.

our books are spread from east to west in thousands and hundred thousands, can any one else also see a narration from kharijis and ibn muljam except for shias?

who is not aware that for ahlusunnat, those narrations which are narrated by those who have grudge for ahlubait and amir ul momineen, their narrations are batil/false, even if they are truthful and pious in their deeds”

[tohfa athna ashariyya, abdul aziz dehlvi, urdu version, page 139, translated by khaleel ur rehman nomani, published by dar ul ishaat, karachi]

doing exactly what nawasib do

let me remind him that one of the narrators of bukhari is imran bin hattan

ibn hajar writes in tehzeeb

[223] خ د س البخاري
وأبي داود والنسائي عمران بن حطان بن ظبيان بن لوذان بن عمرو بن الحارث بن حدوس

so, bukhari took narrations from him

ibn haban counted him as thiqa
also ijli did so

here is what ibn hajar wrote in his tehzeeb

قال العجلي بصري تابعي ثقة
وقال أبو داود ليس في أهل الأهواء أصح حديثا من الخوارج ثم ذكر عمران بن حطان وغيره وذكره بن حبان في الثقات

dhabi wrote in sair ul aalam nabala

عمران بن حطان ابن ظبيان السدوسي البصري من أعيان العلماء لكنه من رؤوس الخوارج

he is a amongst great scholars but he was amongst leaders of kharijis

ibn hajar himself, counted him as sudooq in taqreeb

5152- عمران ابن حطان بكسر الحاء وتشديد الطاء المهملتين السدوسي صدوق إلا
أنه كان على مذهب الخوارج
ويقال رجع عن ذلك من الثالثة مات ‏[‏قبل
المائة‏]‏ سنة أربع وثمانين خ د س

so he was termed sudooq, but it is clearly written that he was khariji


i had made this thread long ago, i guess i should have made it when abdul aziz was alive
he would have benefited from it

narrators of bukhari