shah abdul aziz discovers a unique fact in his book tohfa ithna ashariyya,
he writes


their/shias scholar write a book and attributes it to aimmah asws. he writes sahih/correct and mo’tabar/authentic narrations in the start of the book, so that the reader is satisfied that it is correctly attributed to imam, but in between, he will put fabricated and made-up narrations which suit him. one of such books is that tafsir which has been attributed to imam hasan askari, though it had been written by ibn babwia

[tohfa ithna ashariyya, urdu version, page 127]

whenever a claim is made, one has to give proof for that
otherwise, he can be charged with the fact that he is fabricating that thing

if you go through his book, shah abdul aziz would come up with his theories so easily, without realizing the need for giving proof

atleast, we have the right to ask his followers as to where did he get it from????
do they have proof for it?
or can we say that he is trying to deceive his readers by showing off?