it seems as if this nasibi had no other mean except cheating and deceiving his followers who praise him in blindness

let us see an attempt as to how he cheated his followers

he writes in his anti shia book, tohfa ithna ashariyya


some amongst shias get into company of trustworthy hadeeth scholars of ahlusunnah. and start showing displeasure from their religion. and start exposing faults of their religion openly. they try to show that they have repented, and are honest, good natured, and now pious. they show as if they take narrations only from thiqa people to the extent that scholars and students start trusting them, and they are compelled to accept their truthfulness and cleanness. and when they get this status, they come to their original shape. and start their heinous agenda. and they get their narrations mixed in those which are authentic and trustworty. or they change the wordings so that the people get deceived. this is their great cheating. the first time this was done, it was by a cheater named ajlah. he did this cheating to the extent that even yahya bin moin, who is a great and trustworthy scholar got deceived. and did his tautheeq in regards to jarah and tadeel. and he could not get his plans. and he counted him in those who had repented due to his great taqayya. but some of other scholars got his cheating. and they realized that he is just posing so, otherwise he is a cheat. so those narrations where he is alone, they rejected it. one of those narrations is this from buraida where prophet asws said: ali is your wali after me

[tohfa ithna ashariyya, urdu version page 125]

keep in mind that the pic shown is a snap shot from the original book

nawasib dont like this narration as it hits them hard

ibn taymiyyah also spoke against this narraiton

ali asws is wali after prophet: a lie upon prophet? opinion of ibn taimiyya « slave of Ahlubait’s Blog

his father also tried to deceive in this narration, though that came with another sanad

and we talked of it before

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here is the scan for that one,

علی[ع] میرے بعد ہر مومن کے ولی ہیں +سنن ترمذی اسکین

so, his first lie that ajlah is alone in this narration, that is wrong
rather we have another chain for this narration as well

his second lie, that this narration is not sahih in sanad

well, albany slaps his face when he included this in silsila ahadeeth sahihiyya

and also in zilal ul jannah, after authenticating narration of imran bin hasin, he said:- the shahid of hadeeth from buraida is narrated by ahmad from ajlah, and that chain is great, narrators are thiqa, and of sheikhain except ajlah, and he is shia sudooq

[zilal ul jannah, albany, page 565, narration 1187]

here i have given even more authentications

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and you can read more references for this narraiton

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