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Holy prophet asws did not pay attention to salat? « slave of Ahlubait’s Blog

let us see some more narrations in this regard

we find in bukhari

Volume 1, Book 8, Number 369 :
Narrated by ‘Aisha
The Prophet prayed in a Khamisa (a square garment) having marks. During the prayer, he looked at its marks. So when he finished the prayer he said, “Take this Khamisa of mine to Abu Jahm and get me his Inbijaniya (a woolen garment without marks) as it (the Khamisa) has diverted my attention from the prayer.”

Volume 1, Book 8, Number 370 :
Narrated by ‘Aisha
The Prophet said, ‘I was looking at its (Khamisa’s) marks during the prayers and I was afraid that it may put me in trial (by taking away my attention).

Volume 1, Book 8, Number 371 :
Narrated by Anas
‘Aisha had a Qiram (a thin marked woolen curtain) with which he had screened one side of her home. The Prophet said, “Take away this Qiram of yours, as its pictures are still displayed in front of me during my prayer (i.e. they divert my attention from the prayer).”

{this narration is also there in musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 5, page 465
Molvi zafar says sahih as per bukhari
Sheikh shoaib says sahih sanad on criteria of sheikhain [20/12531/p11]}

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