there are some narrations which i will like to share

let us see 

we find in musnad imam ahmad

anas narrates (and not holy prophet) that sometimes holy prophet will go to all his wives with same bath

[musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 5, page 512]

we can see that molvi zafar says it is sahih as per bukhari and ibn haban

Sheikh shaoib says sahih sanad on criteria of sheikhain [20/12701/p127]

if we see the sharah of bukhari, there we see that it has been clearly stated that it was after physical relations

as can be seen, it is clearly written in the brackets

[faiz-ul –bari, sharah sahih bukhari, vol 1, para 2, book of ghusl, narration 275, page 438]

question is: how was anas aware of it?

and it is not all, we find another narration in faiz ul bari urdu translation fath ul bari

Anas narrates that holy prophet would go to all his wives (that means having physical relations with them) at one time in night or day (this means that sometimes he would do that in the day and sometimes in the night) and he had 11 wives…………….qatada says that I asked anas did holy prophet have this much of power so anas replied that we sahaba use to say that he had power of 30 men………

[faiz-ul –bari, sharah sahih bukhari, vol 1, para 2, book of ghusl, narration 260, page 427]

again, where did anas get this information from? was he spying on him or what?

let us see another one

Anas narrates that holy prophet and one of his wives would take bath from one utensil. In narration of muslim and wahab, the word janabat/impurity from sex is more.

[faiz ul bari, vol 1, page 423, para 2, narration 256]

let us see another one, which will inshallah prove that people had this habit of looking into his house

Anas narrates that holy prophet was in his house when a man came and started looking into it via hole. Holy prophet asws hit him with his brush, so he stepped aside

[musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 5, page 329]

Sheikh shoaib says sahih sanad on condition of sheikhain ; hadeeth no. is 12055 in his takhreej.

question is: where was anas when this incident took place? did he saw that person or not? if he saw him, why was he not telling his name? if he did not saw this, how come he know of it? did he get this from prophet? if yes, why did he not say that this was told by prophet? 

why did anas left so many things in vague in these narrations ………………………