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ibn hajar writes in his book lisan ul mizan, in relation to the book written by ibn taimiyya in response to ibn motahir hilli, he says

لكنَّه رَدَّ في رَدِّهِ كثيراً من الأحاديث الجياد التي لم يستحضر – حالة التصنيف – مظانّها ، لأنَّهُ كان – لاتساعه في الحفظ – يَتَّكل على ما في صدره ، والإنسان عامد للنسيان ، وكم من مبالغة لتوهين كلام الرافضي [ أدَّتْهُ ] – أحياناً – إلى تنقيص علي رضي الله عنه

but he (ibn taimiyyah) rejected many narration which were great/jayyad, this is because he depended on what was in his memory, and human can forget, and he exaggerated so much in his quest to reject sayings of rafidi (ibn motahir) that he lowered status of imam ali asws

[lisan ul mizan, vol 8, page 551]

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