let us see an authentic narration in this regard where anas, a sahabi himself, accepted this fact

let us see

we find in sunan ibn maja

Anas narrates that the day holy prophet asws came to madina, everything got bright in madina. And the day he died, everything got darkened. We had not cleaned our hands from burial of holy prophet asws but that we found that our hearts had changed


1- Sunan ibn maja, urdu version, vol 2, page 557, book of janaiz, narration 1631, research by abu tahir zubair ali zai, printed by dar us salam,

he says: sanad is hasan 

2- al-ihsaan fi taqreeb sahih ibn haban, vol 14, page 601

sheikh shoaib ul arnawut says: sahih sanad on condition of muslim

3- al-ahadeeth ul mokhtara, dia ul moqadasi, vol 4, page 419, narration 1594

researcher of the book, dr abdul mulk dahesh says: sahih sanad

4- sahih ibn maja, sheikh albany, vol 2, page 54-55

he terms it sahih 

5- ibn hajar mentions a similar narration from abu saeed, and says

وقد قال أبو سعيد فيما أخرجه البزار بسند جيد وما نفضنا أيدينا من دفنه حتى أنكرنا قلوبنا ومثله في حديث ثابت عن أنس عند الترمذي

abu saeed says what was narrated by bazaar with great chain that we did not clean our hand from burial but that our hearts changed/negated, and this is similar to narration of thabit from anas in tirmidhi

[fath ul bari, vol 8, page 114]
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please keep in mind what all happened at the time of burial of holy prophet asws in saqifa ………………..