let us see an authentic narration in this regard

ahmad bin hanbal notes in his musnad

حدثنا عثمان قال عبد الله وسمعته أنا من عثمان حدثنا جرير عن الأعمش عن أبي صالح عن أبي سعيد الخدري قال جاءت امرأة صفوان بن المعطل إلى النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم ونحن عنده فقالت يا رسول الله إن زوجي صفوان بن المعطل يضربني إذا صليت ويفطرني إذا صمت ولا يصلي صلاة الفجر حتى تطلع الشمس قال وصفوان عنده قال فسأله عما قالت فقال يا رسول الله أما قولها يضربني إذا صليت فإنها تقرأ سورتين فقد نهيتها عنها قال فقال لو كانت سورة واحدة لكفت الناس وأما قولها يفطرني فإنها تصوم وأنا رجل شاب فلا أصبر قال فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يومئذ لا تصومن امرأة إلا بإذن زوجها قال وأما قولها بأني لا أصلي حتى تطلع الشمس فإنا أهل بيت قد عرف لنا ذاك لا نكاد نستيقظ حتى تطلع الشمس قال فإذا استيقظت فصل

abu saeed narrates that wife of safwan bin mo’tal came to prophet asws and he was with us, she said: o prophet asws! safwan bin mo’tal hits me when i offer prayers and breaks my fast when i am fasing, and does not offer fajr prayers but that sun has risen. when safwan was asked about this, he said: o prophet! as regards to hitting her when she offers prayres, she recites two prayers so i forbid her from that. he said that prophet said: even if one recites one surat, it will be sufficient. he said: as regards to saying that i break her fast, i am young man and cannot wait. he said that prophet said: women should not fast except permission from husband. he said: and as regards to the saying that i do not offer prayers till sunrise, my house is well known for this that we cannot wake up but after sunrise. holy prophet said: when you wake up, offer prayers


1- musnad ahmad, online link

2- musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 5, page 242

Molvi zafar says that it is sahih as per ibn haban, hakim, Albany.

3- Sheikh shoaib says in his takhreej of musnad ahmad:- sanad is sahih, narrators are all thiqa and that of sheikhain except for Abdullah bin ahmad, nisai took from him and he is thiqa ; [18/282/11759]
Sheikh shoaib also says that it has been authenticated by hakim and dhabi agreed

Repeated in urdu version, 5/256


1-this narration is also present in sunan abi daood, online link & urdu version, 2/861, narration 2459

2- behqi included it in his sunan ul kubra, online link

3- hakim included it in his mustadarak, online link


What i cannot make out is
why so much of militancy on part of a sahabi, even if she was reciting two surahs, he could have came to prophet asws and asked him
what is the fun of hitting his wife for this “great sin”?
nawasib can say in regards to his late arousal that it was out of his control, but was it not possible that he had told his wife that she should awake him? she said that her husband offers prayers when he rises, this means she was observing this. why not tell her to awake him?
may be his wife was scared of that too