let me share a narration with you, where you will clearly see disrespect to the status of holy prophet

jabir says that holy prophet asws once looked at a lady, and he “liked” her; so he came to his wife zainab who was colouring leather. and he fulfilled his “desires” from her. and then he said: satan comes to you in the form of women, so if a man watches a lady and he “likes” her, he should come to his wife and fulfil his desires; and in this way, the “feelings” which he has, will go away

[musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 6, page 139-140]

translators of the book, molvi zafar iqbal says it is sahih as per muslim and ibn haban

sheikh shoaib in his research on musnad ahmad terms it

“sahih with support of others, narrators are all narrators of sahih hadeeth, but ibn lahiyya had problem in his memory”

[musnad ahmad with research of sheikh shoaib ul arnawut, vol 22, page 407, narration 14537]

you can easily see the way holy prophet “looked” at that woman and “liked” her, what the “liking” actually means……………..