let us see a narration from musnad ahmad where holy prophet told us about time of qayamat

“anas narrates that once a villager came to holy prophet asws and asked him: when will qayamat come?
holy prophet asws asked him: what have you prepared for it?
he replied: i have not prepared much but that i love allah and his prophet.
holy prophet asws said: you will be with those you love

anas says that at that time, slave of mughaira bin sho’ba, who was of my age, went by; holy prophet said that if he lives, he will not see old age but that qayamat would come 

[musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 5, page 654-655]

sheikh shoaib has termed hadeeth sahih and chain hasan 

[musnad ahmad, research of sheikh shoaib ul arnawut, vol 20, page 441, narration 13224]

there is a similar narration in urdu version, 5/700, and translator of the book, molvi zafar iqbal says that narration is sahih as per muslim