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حدثنا قتيبة حدثنا نوح بن قيس الحداني عن عمرو بن مالك عن أبي الجوزاء عن ابن عباس قال كانت امرأة تصلي خلف رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم حسناء من أحسن الناس فكان بعض القوم يتقدم حتى يكون في الصف الأول لئلا يراها ويستأخر بعضهم حتى يكون في الصف المؤخر فإذا ركع نظر من تحت إبطيه فأنزل الله تعالى ولقد علمنا المستقدمين منكم ولقد علمنا المستأخرين

سنن الترمذي » كتاب تفسير القرآن » باب ومن سورة الحجر

Ibn Abbas says that there was a woman who would offer prayers behind Holy Prophet asws, she was beautiful amongst the most beautiful in people , so some in the Nation would go forward till they reached first row so that they do not see her; while others would stay behind till they reach the last rown so that they can see her from their underarms when they would bow. Upon this, Allah revealed: and We know who moves forward in you and who stays behind [surat ul Hajr, 15] 


1- Sunan Tirmidhi, urdu version, 2/314, narration 2915

2- Sahih Sunan Tirmidhi, Albany, 3/264. Sheikh Albany terms it Sahih

3- Sahih Ibn Hibban, research by Sheikh Shoaib al-Arnawut, 2/126. Thus, it is Authentic in view of Ibn Hibban. Sheikh Shoaib terms the Chain Hasan/Good

4- Saheeh Ibn Khuzaima, 3/211, Urdu translation, Narration 1696. It was not only Authentic in His view, rather He trusted it to the extent that He argued with it in The Name of the Chapter (in which this is the Only Narration) that Looking behind at women does not spoil the prayers.

، والدليل على أن المصلي إذا نظر إلى من خلفه من النساء لم يفسد ذلك الفعل صلاته .

 And Proof that When He looks at someone behind in women, It does not spoil the prayers.

5- Tafsir Ibn Abi Hatim, 9/56.Keep in mind that This Tafsir contains Narrations which were authentic in view of Ibn Abi Hatim

6- Mustadrak Imam Hakim, 3/198. Hakim termed it Authentic Chain. Dhabi in His research also termed it Authentic.

7- Silsila Ahadeeth Sahihiyya, Sheikh Albany, 5/608, Narration 2472. He stated

وهذا إسناد
صحيح رجاله ثقات رجال مسلم، غير عمرو بن مالك النكري، وهو ثقة

This chain is authentic, and Narrators are Trustworthy, and that of Muslim, except Amr bin Malik, and He is trustworthy.