He says

(فاعلم) أن لولايتهم مرتبتين (إحديهما) الولاية التكوينية التي هي عبارة عن تسخير المكونات تحت إرادتهم ومشيتهم بحول الله وقوته، كما ورد في زيارة الحجة أرواحنا له الفداء بأنه ما من شئ إلا وأنتم له السبب، و ذلك لكونهم عليهم السلام مظاهر أسمائه وصفاته تعالى فيكون فعلهم فعله وقولهم قوله، وهذه المرتبة من الولاية مختصة بهم وليست قابلة للاعطاء إلى غيرهم لكونها من مقتضيات ذواتهم النورية ونفوسهم المقدسة التي لا يبلغ إلى دون مرتبتها مبلغ 

it must be known that Wilayat for Them (Ahlubait) has two status

One of them is Wilayat e Takwiniyya, and this means the control of Space under their wish and will with the powers given to them by Allah, as it comes in Ziarat ul Hujjat asws that there is nothing but that He is the cause of it. and this is because they are the Appearence of Names and Characteristics of Allah, their acts are His acts, and Their sayings are His sayings, and this status of Wilayat is specific to them, and it is not deserving to be given to other than them. Because it is for their glorious Characters and Great Personalities which can be reached by none 

[al Makasib wa al Bey’a, Naini, 2/332]