Brother Nasir Hussein wrote in a Thread, you can see that here and here. Let me translate what He had written, and give you online links for that. He says:-

Dhabi says in Sair Alaam Nabal, 16/560, under heading of Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Aseeli

( الامام، شيخ المالكية، عالم الاندلس …. قال عياض: كان من حفاظ مذهب مالك، ومن العالمين بالحديث وعلله ورجاله، يرى أن النهي عن إتيان أدبار النساء على الكراهة، وينكر الغلو في الكرامات، ويثبت منها ما صح )

Imam, Sheikh of Malikis, Scholar of Indilis…….Qadi Ayadh said: He was one of the Huffaz of Maliki sect, and was a scholar of Hadeeth, its reasons and narrators. He considered the prohibition of anal intercourse to be due to Karaha (meaning makrooh), and he negated exaggeration in glories, and accepted in those only what was correct 

[Sair Alaam Nabala, 16/560. Online Link ]

I say: that this opinion resembles opinion of our scholars who consider it to be Makrooh, and not Haram, and this what makes wahabis criticize us

At this place, I will say what Ibn Arabi said in his Ahkaam ul Quran, printed in Dar ul kutb Ilmia

( اختلف العلماء في جواز نكاح المرأة في دبرها؛ فجوزه طائفة كثيرة، وقد جمع ذلك ابن شعبان في كتاب جماع النسوان وأحكام القرآن ” وأسند جوازه إلى زمرة كريمة من الصحابة والتابعين وإلى مالك من روايات كثيرة .. الخ

There is difference of opinion in regards to Anal intercourse with wives. Many have permitted it, and that has been collected by Ibn Sha’ban in his book “Jama’a Un Niswan wa Akham ul Quran”, and the reason for its permissiblity has been attributed to a dignified group amongst Sahaba, Tabaeen and Malik in Many narrations…….

[Ahkam ul Quran, 1/238; online link]

As regards to what we were speaking about, as it is the habit of Wahabis to cut and hide what does not go as per their desires, we find that in this case as well. Dhabi mentions Al Aseeli again in Tazkira tul Huffaz, and we see

( قال عياض: كان من حفاظ مذهب مالك ومن العالمين بالحديث وعلله ورجاله [ ] وكان ينكر الغلو في كرامات الاولياء ويثبت منها ما صح )

Qadi Ayadh said: He was amongst the Huffaz of Malikis and scholar of Hadeeth and its reasons and narrators [] and he rejected exaggeration in glories of Aulia, and accepted in that what was correct

[Tazkira tul Huffaz, 2/153; Online link]

Praise be to Allah.