This is English translation of the article written by Brother Ismail Deobani

There is a hadeeth from Holy Prophet asws about Imam Ali asws that He is from me, and I am from him. And a similar hadeeth is present for Imam Hussein asws.

Some people objected that what is the speciality in this hadeeth for Imam Ali asws and Imam Hussein asws. Similar narration also comes for other Sahaba

LIke we have a Agreed Upon hadeeth about tribe of Ashari

هم مني وأنا منهم

They are from me, and I am from them

And in the same way, there is a narration for Sahabi Jalib in Sahih Muslim that

هذا مني وأنا منه:

He is from me, and I am from him 

So these narrations are similar

But, before we go into details, first we see the what Ibn Hajar had to say about the narration regarding Imam Ali asws. So Hafiz says in Fath ul Bari, in chapter of Glories of Imam Ali asws

ان علیا منی و أنا منه : أی فی النسب و الصھر و المسابقة و المحبة، و غیر ذالک من المزایا، و لم یرد محض القرابة، و الا فجعفر شریکه فیھا ۔

Ali is from me, and I am from him: This is in regards to lineage, relations, Love etc
{Ismail:- this means that if someone loves Prophet asws, he should love Imam Ali asws since he is from him in Love as well}

Then Hafiz furhter says: This relation is not just in relation, that he is from him in relations, because if it were so, then Jabar is also relative to Holy Prophet asws, and shares this with Imam Ali asws

Now, we come to those narrations,

First narration is Agreed Upon, and in that we see that Holy Prophet asws praised tribe of Ashari
A’ini writes in Sharah of this narration

و أراد به المبالغة في اتصالهم فِي الطرِيق واتفاقهم على الطاعَة، وكلمة: من، هنا تسمى بِمن الاتصالية أَي: هم متصلون بي فيما ذكرناه :

He says that here this “from me” in exaggeration, which means that they are connected to me in path and following in obedience. And the word من which has been used here, that shows connection. That means, they are connected very strongly

عمدة القاری بشرح البخاری // باب قدوم الاشعریین و أھل الیمن // ۔

Same has been written by Ibn Hajar in his book

و المراد بقوله هم مني : المبالغة فی اتصال طریقھما و اتفاقھما علی الطاعة

فتح الباری فی شرح البخاری // باب قدوم الاشعریین و أھل الیمن // ۔

The second narration which comes for Jalib, Nauwi writes in his Sharah for Muslim

معناه المبالغة في اتحاد طريقهما واتفاقهما في طاعة الله تعالى ۔

Here it shows exaggeration in being one in regards to path and unity in obedience of Allah

شرح النووی علی مسلم // باب من فضائل جلبیب //

So to cut it short, we have seen explanation from great scholars, and we see that “from me” for Imam Ali asws has difference meaning to those mentioned for Asharis and Jalib. The glory which it shows from Imam Ali asws, is therefore, not shown by these words despite the words being one

And Allah knows best