Let us see an authentic narration in this regard

Sheikh Saffar writes in his Basair

1- حدثنا أحمد بن محمد عن عمر بن عبد العزيز عن الحميري عن يونس بن ظبيان و المفضل بن عمر و أبو سلمة السراج و الحسين بن ثوير بن أبي فاختة قالوا كنا عند أبي عبد الله ع فقال لنا خزائن الأرض و مفاتيحها و لو شئت أن أقول بإحدى رجلي أخرجي ما فيك من الذهب لأخرجت قال فقال بإحدى رجليه فخطها في الأرض خطا فانفجرت الأرض ثم قال بيده فأخرج سبيكة ذهب قدر شبر فتناولها فقال انظروا فيها حسا حسنا لا تشكوا ثم قال انظروا في الأرض فإذا سبائك في الأرض كثير بعضها على بعض يتلألأ فقال له بعضنا جعلت فداك أعطيتم كل هذا و شيعتكم محتاجون فقال إن الله سيجمع لنا و لشيعتنا الدنيا و الآخرة يدخلهم جنات النعيم و يدخل عدونا الجحيم.

Younas bin Zeban, Mofadil ibn Umar, Abu Salma Siraj and Hussein bin Thawir bin Abi Fakhta, All of them say that We were with Imam Abu Abdullah asws when He said: We have the treasures of Earth and the keys to it. If we wish and say with (kicking by) one of our foot to take out what Earth has, it will take it out. Then Imam asws made a line on Earth with one of his foot on Earth. And there was a crack in Earth. Then they said: He took out a stone of Gold equal to size of hand. Then He said: Look into it well. we saw in that, and there were many stones of Gold present one on another. So some of us said: What You have, give some of it to those of Your Shias who are needy. He said: Allah has combined for us this world and the world hereafter. Allah will make our Shias enter Heaven and Our enemies in Hell 




1- Basair ud Darajat, page 394

2- Al Kafi, 1/474 (with slight change in Sanad)




First narrator is Ahmad bin Mohammad. He can be Ibn Esa or Ibn Khalid al Barqi. In either case, He is Thiqa

Umar bin Abdul Aziz, He is Ibn Abi Bashar. Al Khoi termed him Thiqa on the ground that He is narrator of Tafsir Qummi

Abdullah bin Jafar al Hameeri is Thiqa and well known

Hussein bin Thawir and Mufadil bin Umar are Thiqa as well

So the narration is Sahih for sure, Inshallah