This is English translation of research by brother Ismaeel Deobandi

و الطبقَة الحادِي عَشرة فَهم الذین أَسلموا يوم الفتح، وهُم جَماعَة من قريش منهُم من أَسلَم طائعا، وَمنهمْ من اتّقى السّيْف، ثم تَغيّر، و اللہ أَعلم بما أَضْمروا واعتقدوا ۔

And 11th category in Sahaba is that one who embraced Islam at time of victory of Mecca. And that was a group from Quraish some of whom accepted Islam happily while others out of fear of sword, and then they changed. And Allah knows what was there in their hearts and what were their beliefs


Maarifat Uloom ul Hadeeth, page 24

معرفة علوم الحدیث//صفحہ24//طبعہ دارالکتب العلمیہ بیروت ۔