Yahya bin Moin is one of the big guns of Jarh o Tadeel. He criticised Imam Shafai, and let us see what scholars had to say in this regard

I will be quoting Dhabi’s book, the link is


and on page 29, we find

وَقَالَ ابو عمر ابْن عبد الْبر روينَاهُ عَن مُحَمَّد بن وضاح قَالَ سَأَلت يحبى بن معِين عَن الشَّافِعِي فَقَالَ لَيْسَ ثِقَة ثمَّ قَالَ يَعْنِي ابْن عبد الْبر ابْن وضاح لَيْسَ بِثِقَة قَالَ ابْن عبد الْبر أَيْضا قد صَحَّ من طرق عَن ابْن معِين انه يتَكَلَّم فِي الشَّافِعِي قلت قد آذَى ابْن معِين نَفسه بذلك وَلم يلْتَفت النَّاس الى كَلَامه فِي الشَّافِعِي وَلَا الى كَلَامه فِي جمَاعَة من الاثبات كَمَا لم يلتفتوا الى توثيقه لبَعض النَّاس

Abu Umar bin Abdul Bar narrated from Mohammad bin Wadah that He asked Yahya bin Moin regarding Shafai, and he replied: He is not Thiqa

Then Ibn Abdul Bar said that Ibn Wadah said he is not thiqa

Ibn Abdul Bar also said like this that it is correct from chains to Ibn Moin that he criticised Shafai. I (Dhabi) say that He only hurt himself by doing so. People do not pay attention to him in his opinion regarding Shafai, and also in his opinion regarding those who are proven from the group. This is similar to the fact that people do not pay attention to his Tautheeq/trustworthiness regarding some people

and on page 30-31, we find the reason for this. Dhabi mentions

قَالَ الْمُؤلف رَحمَه الله تَعَالَى وَكَلَامه يَعْنِي ابْن معِين فِي الشَّافِعِي لَيْسَ من هَذَا اللَّفْظ الَّذِي كَانَ عَن اجْتِهَاد وَإِنَّمَا هَذَا من فلتات اللِّسَان بالهوى والعصبية فَإِن ابْن معِين كَانَ من الْحَنَفِيَّة الغلاة فِي مذْهبه وَإِن كَانَ مُحدثا وَكَذَا قَول الْحَافِظ ابي حَامِد ابْن الشَّرْقِي كَانَ يحيى ابْن

معِين وابو عبيد سَيِّئًا الرَّأْي فِي الشَّافِعِي فَصدق وَالله ابْن الشَّرْقِي أساءا فِي ذاتهما فِي عَالم زَمَانه.

Author said that opinion of Ibn Moin for Shafai, this is not error of Ijtihad, rather it is from Sharpness of toungue and his desires and bias; He was from Hanafia (sect) and Ghali/exaggerator in that regard to his religion, and he was a Mohadith as well. And Hafiz abi Hamid bin Mashraqi said that Yahya bin Moin and Abu Ubaid had ill opinion about Shafai. Ibn Sharqi said the truth in this case, These two scholars actually made themselves ill in regards to “scholar of time”

So, this in essense means that one of the greatest scholars of Jarh o Tadeel, followed his personal desires in doing his work

What is the proof that it was not the case with others????

Let us see another one, we find in Sair Aalam Nabala

We find that Ahmad bin Al Azhar had narrated a narration with the chain

أحمد بن الأزهر ، حدثنا عبد الرزاق ، أخبرنا معمر ، عن الزهري ، عن عبيد الله بن عبد الله بن عتبة ، عن ابن عباس ، قال : نظر رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم – إلى علي بن أبي طالب ، فقال : أنت سيد في الدنيا ، سيد في الآخرة . حبيبك حبيبي ، وحبيبي حبيب الله ، وعدوك عدوي ، وعدوي عدو الله . فالويل لمن أبغضك بعدي

“Holy Prophet asws looked at Ali asws and said: You are Syed/chief in this world and the world here after, Your lover is my lover and my lover is lover of Allah. And your enemy is my enemy and my enemy is enemy of allah. So destruction is for those who have grudge for you after me

When Ibn Moin heard it, let us see what was his reaction

وسمعت أبا علي الحافظ ، سمعت أحمد بن يحيى بن زهير يقول : لما حدث أبو الأزهر بحديثه عن عبد الرزاق في الفضائل ، أخبر [ ص: 367 ] يحيى بن معين بذلك ، فبينا هو عند يحيى في جماعة أهل الحديث ، إذ قال يحيى : من هذا الكذاب النيسابوري الذي حدث بهذا عن عبد الرزاق؟ فقام أبو الأزهر ، فقال : هو ذا أنا . فتبسم يحيى بن معين ، وقال : أما إنك لست بكذاب ، وتعجب من سلامته ، وقال : الذنب لغيرك فيه .

I heard Abu Ali Hafiz who heard it from Ahmad bin Yahya who said that When Abu Azhar narrated his hadeeth from Abdur Razaq in Fadail, Yahya bin Moin got that news.And at that time, there was a group of Scholars of Hadeeth with him. Yahya said: Who is this liar Neshapuri who narrated from Abdur Razaq? so Abu Azhar stood up and said: It is me. So Yahya smiled and said: But you are not lia; and he was happy for his integrity, and said: The sin is upon others (meaning other narrators)

Keep in mind that Ahmad bin Azhar Abu Azhar has been introduced in these words by Dhabi

الإمام الحافظ الثبت، أبو الأزهر , العبدي النيسابوري , محدث خراسان في زمانه . 

And rest all narrators of this narration above Abu Azhar are thiqa for sure

عبد الرزاق بن همام الحميري= ثقة حافظ

معمر بن راشد=ثقة ثبت فاضل

محمد بن شهاب الزهري=الفقيه الحافظ متفق على جلالته وإتقانه

عبيد الله بن عبد الله الهذلي=ثقة فقيه ثبت

And then we have Sahabi, Ibn Abbas

and this narration, comes in Fadail us Sahaba, page 796, narration 1092, 2nd Edition; by Ahmad bin Hanbal as well,

and Wasi Ullah bin Mohammad Abbas said in footnotes that “Narrators of this chain are Thiqa”

However, the point of discusison is not this narration

Rather the way Yahya ibn Moin rejected it

I mean, He started off by saying that it was a lie from Neshapuri narrator. When he came to know it was Abu Azhar, he said that it would have been lied by someone else………………

Is this how rijal works? On your personal likings and dislikings? You hear a narration and You do not like it, and term it Daif without even looking at the narrators; and then you are adamant that you have to prove it Daif…….