Let us see a book, named, Usool-e-Deen (Fundamentals of Religion) by Jamal-ud-Deen al Ghaznavi [1]

In this book, He mentions different Fundamentals, and then He mentions Imamat [2]

He has mentioned some conditions for them as well, Some of these are worth mentioning

He says

وَمن شرائطها أَن يكون قرشيا لقَوْله صلى الله عَلَيْهِ وَسلم (الْأَئِمَّة من قُرَيْش)

One of the conditions is that He must be from Quraish as Holy Prophet (asws) said that Aimmah are from Quraish [3]


He also mentioned

طَاعَة الْأَئِمَّة وَاجِبَة وَهِي فرض عين من فروض الشَّرْع

Obedience of Imam is Compulsory, and it is obligatory duty made obligatory by Shariat [4]





[1] Here is the online link to this book

الكتاب: كتاب أصول الدين

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