One of the famous Scholars of Hanafi Sect, Abu Hasan Ubaidullah al Karkhi, says in his book, Usool al Karkhi [1]

الاصل: کل ایۃ تخالف قول اصحابنا فانھا تحمل علی النسخ او علی ترجیح و الاولی ان تحمل علی التاویل من جھۃ التوفیق

 Rule: Any verse which is against the opinion of our companions (Hanafis), it will be considered to be abrogated or that preference has been given or better would be that it is explained such, whatever is possible  [2]

Then he mentions next rule on the same page, that

الاصل : ان کل خبر یجئ بخلاف قول اصحابنا فانہ یحمل علی النسخ او علی انہ معارض بمثلہ ثم صار الی دلیل آخر و ترجیج فیہ بما یحتج بہ اصحابنا۔۔۔۔۔۔

Rule: All those narrations which come against the opinion of our Companions, It would be considered cancelled or that it is clashing with similar and go to the later evidence, and preference would be given to what our companions have argued with 

How can one argue with Such People????



1- This book has been published by Mir Mohammad Kutb Khana Karachi, as part of Usool Bazdowi, and it can be downloaded from this link

2- p. 373