Many a times, You will hear Khariji type people who will say that

Calling Holy Prophet (asws) is Shirk……….or Saying “Ya Mohammad” is Shirk………..or Dont call upon Prophet (asws) while standing on his Grave

But let us see Sunnah of Hazrat Esa/jesus (asws), as to how He will slap these people by saying Ya Muhammad on grave of Holy Prophet (asws)

Let us see this narration

13813- وعن أبي هريرة قال: سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول:
“والذي نفس أبي القاسم بيده، لينزلن عيسى بن مريم إماما مقسطا وحكما عدلا، فليكسرن الصليب، ويقتلن الخنزير، وليصلحن ذات البين، وليذهبن الشحناء وليعرضن المال فلا يقبله أحد، ثم لئن قام على قبري فقال: يا محمد، لأجبته“.
قلت: هو في الصحيح باختصار.
رواه أبو يعلى ورجاله رجال الصحيح.

Abu Huraira narrates

I heard the Prophet (asws) say: “By the one in Whose hand is Abu al-Qasim’s soul, `Isa ibn Maryam shall descend as a just and wise ruler. He shall destroy the cross, slay the swine, eradicate discord and grudges, and money shall be offered to him but he will not accept it. Then he shall stand at my grave side and say: Ya Muhammad! and I will answer him

(Haithmi said that) it is present in Short version in Sahih

Narrated by Abu Ya’la and narrators are all narrators of Sahih [1]

Let us see other scholars who have authenticated this narration

1- Sheikh Nasir ud Deen Albany [2]

2- Sheikh Hussein Saleem Asad [3]

3- Researchers of Al Matalib ul A’alia, Sheikh Abdul Qadir bin Abdul Karim & Sheikh Saad bin Nasir [4]




*More can be read regarding references on this narration on This Link

1- Majma uz Zawaid, 8/144

2- Silsila ahadeeth Sahihiyya, Sheikh Albany, 6/524, Hadeeth. 2733. And his words are

“Narrated by Abu Ya’la………….I say: this chain is Great/Jayyad, and narrators are all thiqa and that of Sheikhain (Bukhari and Muslim), except Abu Sakhar, who is narrator of Muslim only”

3- Musnad Abu Ya’la, 11/462, Hadeeth. 6584; and Words of sheikh Asad are

“Chain/sanad is Sahih/authentic

4- al Matalib ul A’alia,Ibn Hajar, 18/401, Hadeeth. 4505, And their grade is:-

Hadeeth is Hasan with this chain