Generally, Sunnis are fed with the idea that whatever is there in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, it is Authentic.


Let us see what Two Greats scholars of Ahlu Sunnah have to say about authenticity of Narrations of Sahih Muslim.

First, We see Dhabi, and his opinion. He says

وفي صحيح مسلم عدة أحاديث مما لم يوضح فيها أبو الزبير السماع عن جابر، وهى من غير طريق الليث عنه، ففى القلب منها [ شئ ]

And in Sahih Muslim, there are many narrations where it is not clear if Abu Zubair heard from Jabir, and it is the chain which is not having Laith in it; And  I have something (doubt) in my heart about them [1]

Similarly, Sheikh Albany said in his work that

أن كل حديث يرويه أبو الزبير عن جابر أو غيره بصيغة عن و نحوها
و ليس من رواية الليث بن سعد عنه ، فينبغي التوقف عن الاحتجاج به ، حتى يتبين
سماعه ، أو ما يشهد له ، و يعتضد به .

All narrations narrated by Abu Zubair from Jabir or others with the wordings  of AN (عن ), or words like that, and these are not narrated through Laith bin Sa’ad from him; I will not argue with them (means they are weak, and hence arguments cannot be made with them); except that it is clear that He heard them or saw it or it is supported by other narrations [2]

And Sheikh Albany weakened a narration of Muslim with this chain as well. Like we see

1145 – ( حديث ( لا تذبحوا إلا مسنة فإن عز عليكم فاذبحوا الجذع من الضأن ) . رواه مسلم وغيره ) . ص 272 ضعيف

Hadeeth (Sacrifice only a grown-up animal, unless it is difficult for you, in which case sacrifice a ram). narrated by Muslim etc; p 272; Weak/Daeef [3]

And Sheikh Albany weakened another narration

660 – ( حديث ابن عباس : ” أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في كسوف ثماني ركعات في أربع سجدات . رواه أحمد ومسلم وأبو داود والنسائي ) . ص 157 ضعيف . وإن أخرجه مسلم ومن ذكر معه وغيرهم

Ibn Abbas said that Prophet prayed 8 rakat in Kasoof, and had four Sajada/prostrations. (narrated by Ahmad, Muslim, Abu Daood, Nisai)


It is mentioned by Muslim and others [4]

So, We clearly see how These Big Guns have weakened narrations of Sahih Muslim

Will scholars of Ahlusunnah still cheat upon simple souls that Sahih Muslim is ALL SAHIH???





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