I had seen a few people who had been talking about waqafiyya. It was a sect which was formed after the death of Imam Musa (a.s); and claimed that He was the last of Imams.

Now, anyone who has read Islamic literature would be well versed with the word that the only number for Caliphs or Amirs or Imams, which is present in Shia & Sunni sources alike…………that is 12.

It can easily be said that there is Tawatur on this subject.

It is like a lot many people telling you that there is raining outside, even those who are enemies to each other, and are in habit of contradicting each other, otherwise.

And then there is one odd guy who tells you that all these people are wrong, and there is bright sunny day outside.

Of course, any intellectual mind would think that how is it possible that even from the times of Holy Prophet (a.s) it was known that there would be 12 Caliphs……………And if Shiite book, Kamal-ud-Deen is read, You will find that all of the Aimmah said that there would be 12 Imams.

Anyways, so what could possibly go wrong?

Let us see a narration in this regard.

Allama Majlisi quotes Sudooq’s Ayoon, and writes
17 – عيون أخبار الرضا (ع): ابن المتوكل، عن محمد العطار، عن ابن عيسى، عن الحسن بن علي الخزاز قال: خرجنا إلى مكة ومعنا علي بن أبي حمزة ومعه مال ومتاع، فقلنا:
ما هذا؟ قال: للعبد الصالح عليه السلام أمرني أن أحمله إلى علي ابنه عليه السلام وقد أوصى إليه قال الصدوق رحمه الله إن علي بن أبي حمزة أنكر ذلك بعد وفاة موسى بن جعفر عليه السلام وحبس المال عن الرضا عليه السلام


Hasan bin Ali al Khazaar mentions that We went to Meccah, and Ali bin Abi Hamza al bataini was with us. and he was having some money and property. So we asked him: What is this? He replied: The Pious Man (means Imam Musa (asws) ordered me to take this to his son Ali, and he is his Wasi. Sudooq said that Ali bin Abi Hamza later turned away after death of Imam Musa (asws) and got away with property from Imam Raza (asws) [1]

This narration has been authenticated by Sheikh Asif Mohsini [2] and Sheikh Wahid Behbehani [3]

Keep in mind that Hasan bin Ali al Khazaar had also became Waqifi, but then turned back to the true path [4]

Keep in mind that Imam Musa had clearly mentioned that Imam Ali Raza(a.s) would be the Imam after him. Like we find

محمد بن يحيى، عن أحمد بن محمد، عن ابن محبوب، عن الحسين بن نعيم الصحاف قال: كنت وأنا وهشام بن الحكم وعلي بن يقطين ببغداد، فقال علي بن يقطين: كنت عند العبد الصالح جالسا فدخل عليه ابنه علي فقال لي: يا علي بن يقطين هذا علي سيد ولدي، أما إني قد نحلته كنيتي، فضرب هشام بن الحكم براحته جبهته، ثم قال: ويحك كيف قلت؟ فقال علي بن يقطين: سمعت والله منه كما قلت، فقال هشام: أخبرك أن الامر فيه من بعده.


Muhammad Ibn Yahya, from Ahmad Ibn Muhammad, from Ibn Mahbub, from al-Hussein Ibn Nu’aym al-Sahaf who said: “Hisham Ibn al-Hakam, Ali Ibn Yaqtin and I were in Baghdad. Ali Ibn Yaqtin said, I was in the presence of the pious servant (of Allah) and his son Ali (al-Redha) came. He then said to me, O Ali Ibn Yaqtin, this is Ali, the sayyid (leader, master) of my children and I have gifted him with my own Kunya. Hisham tapped his forehead with his palm and said, Fie up on you! How did you say it? Ali Ibn Yaqtin said, I heard, by Allah, from him just as I said. Hisham said, He (Imam Musa) informed you that after him the task will be with him (his son).” [5]

Narration has been authenticated by al Majlisi [6] and Mirza Jawad Tabreezi [7]

al Majlisi also mentioned in his Bihar

24 – عيون أخبار الرضا (ع): بالاسناد، عن اليقطيني، عن الحجال، عن سعيد بن أبي الجهم، عن نصر بن قابوس قال: قلت لأبي إبراهيم موسى بن جعفر عليه السلام: إني سألت أباك عليه السلام من الذي يكون بعدك؟ فأخبرني أنك أنت هو فلما توفي أبو عبد الله عليه السلام ذهب الناس يمينا وشمالا وقلت أنا وأصحابي بك فأخبرني من الذي يكون بعدك؟ قال:
ابني علي عليه السلام .
رجال الكشي: حمدويه، عن الحسن بن موسى، عن البزنطي، عن سعيد مثله ).


Nasr bin Qaboos said that I asked Imam Musa (a.s) that I asked Your Father as to who would be (Imam/in charge) after you; So He told me about You. When He died, people went here and there but I and my companions came to You. Please tell us as to who would be after You. He said: My Son Ali [8]

Narration has been authenticated by Sheikh Asif Mohsini [9]

Similarly, We find in al Kafi
2 – عدة من أصحابنا، عن أحمد بن محمد، عن معاوية بن حكيم، عن نعيم القابوسي عن أبي الحسن عليه السلام أنه قال: إن ابني عليا أكبر ولدي وأبرهم عندي
وأحبهم إلي وهو ينظر معي في الجفر ولم ينظر فيه إلا نبي أو وصي نبي.


Imam Abu Hasan (asws) said that Ali is my elder son, and more obedient to me, and I love him, and he looks in Ja’far along with me, and none can see that except a Prophet or his Waasi [10]

Majlisi authenticated this narration as Mauthiq [11]

Similarly, we find in Bihar
30 – عيون أخبار الرضا (ع): أبي، عن سعد، عن اليقطيني، عن داود بن زربي قال: كان لأبي الحسن موسى بن جعفر عليه السلام عندي مال فبعث فأخذ بعضه وترك عندي بعضه وقال: من جاءك بعدي يطلب ما بقي عندك فإنه صاحبك فلما مضى عليه السلام أرسل إلي علي ابنه عليه السلام ابعث إلي بالذي عندك وهو كذا وكذا، فبعثت إليه ما كان له عندي


Dawud Zarbiy narrated that I had some money belonging to Imam Musa bin Ja’far (asws), so he sent someone and took a portion of it, and left with me a portion of it – and said: whoever comes to you after me demanding what remains with you from it – then he is YOUR MAN (i.e your Imam), so when he passed away, Imam Ali (asws) his son said to me: send to me what is with you, and it is so and so (i.e. describing the portion that was left), so I sent it to him what was with me (of the money) [12]

Sheikh Asif Mohsini authenticated it as well. [13]
Keep in mind that Aimmah had clarified that Imamat would continue after Imam Musa (asws), and here is the proof.

al Majlisi mentioned
43 – غيبة الشيخ الطوسي: الكليني، عن سعد، عن اليقطيني، عن علي بن الحكم وعلي ابن الحسن بن نافع، عن هارون بن خارجة قال: قال لي: هارون بن سعد العجلي:
قد مات إسماعيل الذي كنتم تمدون إليه أعناقكم وجعفر شيخ كبير يموت غدا أو بعد غد، فتبقون بلا إمام، فلم أدر ما أقول، فأخبرت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام بمقالته فقال: هيهات هيهات أبى الله – والله – أن ينقطع هذا الامر حتى ينقطع الليل والنهار فإذا رأيته فقل له: هذا موسى بن جعفر يكبر ونزوجه ويولد له فيكون خلفا إنشاء الله (3).
إكمال الدين: أبي، عن سعد مثله.


Harun bin Kharija said: Harun bin Said al Ijliy said to me: Ismail (son of Imam Jafar us Sadiq) is dead – the one whom you were stretching out your necks towards , and Ja’far is an old man, he will die tomorrow or the day after, then you will remain without an Imam, so I did not know what to say in reply, so I informed Imam Abu Abdullah (asws) about what he had said: so He (asws) said: how far, how far (is his wish), by Allah – Allah has refused to allow this matter (Imamat) to stop unless the day and night also stop, so if you see him again say to him: this Musa bin Ja’far would grow up, and we will marry him off, and he will have a child as his successor – Insha Allah. [14]

Narration has been authenticated by Sheikh Asif Mohsini [15]

So this thing was known even in era of Imam Jafar us Sadiq that Imam Musa will not be the last Imam; and As I had said in the begining, that it is a well known fact that very significant number of ahadeeth have mentioned 12 Imams/caliphs.



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