Many a times We hear Sunnis saying that those who insult Ayesha should be killed or termed Kafir  etc

Let us see What Zuhri, one of the main narrators of Sihah-e-Sitta, did when He found a man insulting Ayesha……….What was the label He gave to that person, or should I say How He called him

But first, I must mention what Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah said about him

Dhabi said about him in Sair A’laam Nabala

محمد بن مسلم بن عبيد الله بن عبد الله بن شهاب بن عبد الله بن الحارث بن زهرة بن كلاب بن مرة بن كعب بن لؤي بن غالب ، الإمام العلم ، حافظ زمانه

Imam of Knowledge and Hafiz of His era


أحد الأئمة الأعلام، وعالم أهل الحجاز والشام

One of the great Imams, and Scholar of People of Hijaz and Syria

Ibn Hajar wrote for him

الفقيه الحافظ متفق على جلالته وإتقانه

Scholar of Fiqh, Hafiz, People have agreed on his greatness and piety

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We find Abdur Razaq mentioning in his al Musanif, 11/433

(20926) – أخبرنا عبد الرزاق عن معمر عن الزهري قال: كنت عند الوليد بن عبد الملك، فكأنه تناول عائشة، فقلت له: يا أمير المؤمنين!
ألا أحدثك عن رجل من أهل الشام كان قد أوتي حكمة؟ قال: من هو؟
قلت: هو أبو مسلم الخولاني، وسمع أهل الشام كأنهم يتناولون من عائشة، فقال: أخبركم بمثلكم ومثل أمكم هذه، كمثل عينين (1) في رأس تؤذيان صاحبهما، ولا يستطيع أن يعاقبهما إلا بالذي هو خير لهما، قال: فسكت.
قال الزهري: أخبرنيه أبو إدريس عنه أبي مسلم الخولاني.

al Zuhri narrates that He was with Al Walid bin Abdul Mulk, and He was insulting Ayesha. So He said:

O Amir ul Momineen! Should I not tell you about a man from Syria who had wisdom?

He said: Who is He?

Zuhri said: He is Abu Muslim al Kholani. He heard People of Syria insulting Ayesha, so He said: Let me inform you that your example and that of your mother is like eyes in head who are hurting their owner, but he cannot do anything with them except with betterment

Zuhri said: He kept quiet

All narrators of this narration are trustworthy/Thiqa.

Yaqoob bin Sufian has also mentioned this in his al Maarifat wa al Tareekh, 2/221; And Yaqoob got this narration from Abdur Razaq via Salma bin Shabeeb, a narrator of Muslim and Trustworthy




We ask our Sunni brother:- What would you call this attitude of YOUR IMAM who called the one insulting Ayesha AMIR UL MOMINEEN………….




Keep in mind that the narration is not telling us anything about Al Walid repenting on this………….He just kept quiet