I was reading a Blog by a Shia Brother, where in He mentioned a narration, and His words are

Now we will bring a Hadīth in which Imam ‘Alī (as) quotes the Prophet (saww) comparing Imam ‘Alī (as), Abū Bakr, and ‘Umar:

Narrated ‘Alī: People said: “O Messenger of Allāh! Whom should we choose as our leader after you?” He answered: “If you choose Abū Bakr, you will find him trustworthy, and running away from the pleasures of this world and seeking the Hereafter. If you choose ‘Umar, you will find him strong and trustworthy. But If you choose ‘Alī, although I do not think you will, you will find him to be a Guide, one who is Guided, and one who will take you to the Right Path.”

Imām al-Haythamī says:

“Ahmad and Al-Bazzār have recorded it, as well as Al-Tabarānī in al-Awsat. The narrators of Al-Bazzār are thiqah.”

Source: Majma’ al-Zawāid  5/321, Hadith 8909


Shia Brother consulted a Nasibi website in order to check the authenticity of this narration, and that website replied:-

“The narration suffers from two problems. The first is that the main narrator from Ali, Zaid bin Yuthai’ has not received sufficient praise from scholars to be considered as trustworthy. Al-Haythami is known for his lenience and his reliance on Ibn Hibban. Secondly, the narration has been narrated via three paths. The first is through Zaid through Ali, the second is through Zaid through Huthaifa, and the third is through Zaid from the Prophet (peace be upon him) directly. Al-Daraqutni suggests that the third is the correct version, which makes the narration weak due to disconnection.”

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Shia Brother did reply to them again, telling them that Zaid bin Yhuthai is Thiqa/trustworthy by Ibn Hajar and Sheikh alBany. His reply can be seen on the link I have given already.

I would just like to show you the authenticity given to this narration by Great Scholars of Ahlu sunnah in order to show How these Nasibis will try to hide behind Their I’lm-ur-Rijal, where as they own Big guns of Hadeeth have actually accepted the narration to be Authentic.

1- Hafiz Ibn Hajar A’sqalani

He writes in his book, al Isaba, 4/569

 وفي مسند أحمد بسند جيد عن علي قال قيل يا رسول الله من تؤمر بعدك قال إن تؤمروا أبا بكر تجدوه أمينا زاهدا في الدنيا راغبا في الآخرة وإن تؤمروا عمر تجدوه قويا أمينا لا يخاف في الله لومة لائم وإن تؤمروا عليا وما أراكم فاعلين تجدوه هاديا مهديا يأخذ بكم الطريق المستقيم

And in Musnad Ahmad, with Jayyad/Great Chain from Imam Ali…….

2- Sheikh Ahmad Shakir

Sheikh Ahmad Shakir termed this Chain Saheeh/Authentic in his research upon Musnad Imam Ahmad, 1/537, Narration 859

3- Wasi Ullah bin Mohammad Abbas

He termed the Chain Hasan/Good in his research upon Fadail-us-Sahaba, p. 284, Narration 284

4 – Abdul Mulk bin Abdullah Daheesh

al Muqqaddasi included this narration in his al Ahadeeth ul Mukhtara, 2/86, Narration 463; and researcher of the book, Abdul Mulk bin Abdullah termed the Chain Saheeh/authentic

5- Hakim 

He mentioned this narration in Mustadrak, and said

 هَذَا حَدِيثٌ صَحِيحُ الإِسْنَادِ ، وَلَمْ يُخَرِّجَاهُ

This narration has Authentic Chain, but it was not writte

Here is the online link

6- Hafiz Haithmi

He mentioned the narration in his Majma-uz-Zawaid, 5/176, Narration 8909; and said

رَوَاهُ أَحْمَدُ، وَالْبَزَّارُ، وَالطَّبَرَانِيُّ فِي الْأَوْسَطِ، وَرِجَالُ الْبَزَّارِ ثِقَاتٌ.

Narrated by Ahmad, Bazaar, and Tabarani in Ausat, and Narrators of Bazaar are Trustworthy

So, We see a Number of Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah who accepted authenticity of this narration.

We have shown Deceptions of this websites before on these Links