This post is English translation of brother Khair Talab’s work in Urdu, and that can be read HERE

Some of the great Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah believed in Tehreef-e-Quran, and one of them is Uthman bin Abi Sheebah. Ibn Hajar said regarding him in Taqreeb-ut-Tehzeeb, p. 668 that

He was trustworthy (Thiqa), Hafiz and famous, but erred, and it is said that He did not protect Quran

So Ibn Hajar mentioned two criticisms on Him, and these were answered by Sheikh Shoaib Arnawut in Tehreer Taqreeb-ut-Tehzeeb, 2/445. He says

Had Ibn Hajar not said that He erred, and that He did not protect Quran; it would have been better. As regards to his saying that “He erred”, it was basically said by Ahmad bin Hanbal, and Khateeb Baghdaadi rejected that and answered it. He was amongst Trustworthy ones. As regards to His saying that He did not learn Quran by Heart. This by Ibn Hajar  points to the incidents which say that He believed in distortion in Quran, but this does not contradict his trustworthiness even if proved. 

And Dhabi mentioned in Mizan-ul-A’tadal, 3/37, Narrator 5518

قلت: إلا أن عثمان / كان لا يحفظ القرآن فيما قيل.

I say: Except that He did not protect Quran as is said

Then He said

قال الخطيب في جامعه: لم يحك عن أحد من المحدثين من التصحيف في القرآن الكريم أكثر مما حكى عن عثمان بن أبي شيبة

Khateeb said in his Jami’i: It has not been mentioned for any of the Scholars of Hadeeth regarding distortion in Quran to the extent it has been narrated for Uthman bin Abi Sheebah


وقال أحمد بن كامل القاضي: حدثنا أبو شيخ الأصبهاني محمد بن الحسن، قال: قرأ علينا عثمان بن أبي شيبة: بطشتم خبازين.

Ahmad bin Kamil >> Mohammad bin Hasan: Uthman recited [ بطشتم خبازين ]

Originally, the verse is like this

 وإذا بطشتم بطشتم جبارين

Dhabi gave some more examples as well.