Nasibis cannot stay away from their attempts of deceiving simple minded souls.

And to add to this, either they have no Aql/intellect or they pose so. And that is something which I cannot understand. Any man with basic IQ will understand that if you are arguing with a Hindu, You need to use His books; if You are arguing with a Christian, You use His books like bible etc.

They wrote an article:-

The Shia like to bring up Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr and claim the man was one of them, although in reality he wasn’t, he never killed `Uthman (ra), in fact when he met `Uthman (ra) and talked to him, he then repented and abandoned the rebels as narrated in the authentic narration.

This is also reflected by the fact that his son al-Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abu Bakr was one of the greatest scholars of Ahlul-Sunnah.

However, we’re not here to discuss his life and family, we’re here to present another strong evidence.

In Fada’il al-Sahaba by Ahmad ibn Hanbal we read:


They are presenting a strong evidence from Fadail al-Sahaba by Ahmad bin Hanbal………One of the Sunni Imams………….

They went on to even mock Shias by saying

Secondly, regarding Asma’ bint `Umays (rah), the Imami Shia view her in very high regards, in her wikipedia page they write:

[According to an authentic report in Al-KhiSaal by Shaykh Al-Sadooq, vol. 2, pg. 363, she is considered one of the women of paradise.]

On their forums (ie ShiaChat) they praise her by saying:

[asma bint umays (ra) was one of the best student of fatima (as) and was considered a scholar.]

And they try to explain the fact that she was previously Abu Bakr’s (ra) wife by saying:

[asma bint umays was an exception and that she was loyal to bibi fatima (as)]

These ignorant folk do not know anything about their own historical personalities, the actions and words of their “icons” are more than enough to refute their silly incomplete unqualified reading of history.

Above we see Asma’ (rah) praising her last husband Abu Bakr (ra) and declaring in front of `Ali (ra) that Abu Bakr (ra) was better than him.


Now, if you see the red part, which they quoted, they gave reason as to why Shias view her very high, as they quoted al-Khisaal, which is a Shia book.

And if you see the part in italics, where they are trying to mock Shias, You can see that they are jumping on the basis of a Sunni reference.


I am speechless at this “Strong evidence” presented in this article……And all Shias reading this must also be speechless


Coming to other part, and that is in regards to authentication of the narration they presented

We find them writing

[Yahya bin Zakaria said: My father and ibn abi Khalid told me: from al-Sha`bi: `Ali married Asma’ bint `Umays so her two sons Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr and Muhammad ibn Ja`far started boasting with pride, each saying: “I am better and my father is better than yours.” So `Ali said to Asma’: “Why don’t you be the judge between them?” So she said to ibn Ja`far: “As for you son, I have not seen a young man among the Arabs better than your father Ja`far.” Then she said to Muhammad: “And as for you, I have not seen a mature man among the Arabs better than your father Abu Bakr.” `Ali then said to Asma’ (jokingly): “You’ve left nothing for me? (but) If you had said otherwise I would have hated it.” She replied to him: “By Allah, if you are the lesser from among the three men then you’re all great.”]

Ibn Hajar said “Isnaduhu Sahih” in al-Isabah 4/231.


They quoted Ibn Hajar to prove authenticity of Chain. However, We know that the book has been researched by Wasi Ullah bin Mohammad Abbas.

Let us see what He wrote, and that will actually give you a hint as to why These Nasibis  skipped opinion of Wasi Ullah.

He writes in Fadail-us-Sahaba, 2/1142, Narration 1742, Footnote to Narration


Chain is Saheeh/Authentic upto Sho’bi, and it is possible that He had heard it from those who had relation to the incident, but He did not say he heard it or mentioned in chain


Now, We ask these Nasibis

Please prove that Sho’bi was present at that time when this incident took place as per This Strong evidence of Yours

Keep in mind that as per Sheikh an-Nasibeen, Uthman al-Khamees, Maraseel of Sho’bi are not authentic; as we find on his website

He was asked

رقم الفتوى:





السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهنحبك في الله يا شيخ .سؤالي : هل مراسيل الشعبي رحمه الله مقبولة ؟ وهل تُقبل روايته عن علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه ؟


الشعبى لم يدرك عليا ومراسيله ليست صحيحة على المشهور من أقوال أهل العلم

Question:- Are Maraseel of al-Sho’bi accepted? Are his narrations from Ali ibn Abi Talib accepted?

Answer:- Sho’bi did not meet Ali, and His Maraseel are not Authentic as per opinions of Knowledgeable people