Let us write about Tadlees of Sufian al-Thori

But before that, We would like to explain Tadlees a bit. It can be of different types, but the one We are mentioning, it is in Isnaad/chain of Narrators.

And what it means is, that if there are three persons named X, Y and Z

X and Z are trustworthy, where as Y is not.

X is informed by Y that Z says bla bla

And  X tells us that Z says bla bla; that is, He skipped Y or hid his name………….This is Tadlees. 

Now, coming to Sufian al-Thori. We refer to the work of Salafi Scholar, Zubair Ali Zai, who writes in his Fatawa I’lmia al-ma’roof Taudeeh-ul-Ahkam, Vol 2, page 312 onwards that:-

There is consensus about Sufian al-Thori that He is Thiqa (Trustworthy) & Thabt (Proven/steadfast). He was termed Thiqa by Ahmad bin Hanbal, I’jli, Darqutni, Ibn Hibban etc. Nisai said:

He is beyond that He should be called Thiqa, He is one of the Imams of Pious people

Sho’ba termed him Amir-ul-Momineen in Hadeeth

Please see Tehzeeb-ul-Kamal by Mizzi, 7/360

His Narrations are present in 6 books and other books of Hadeeth.

And there is agreement that He did Tadlees.

Hasheem bin Basheer told Abdullah bin Mubarak that

ان كبيريك قد دلس: الاعمش و سفيان

Your elders did Tadlees: al-A’mash and Sufian

{al-Kamil ibn Addi, 7/2596; and Its Chain is Saheeh/Authentic….al-I’llal al-Kabeer by Tirmidhi, 2/966; and Its Chain is Saheeh/Authentic….I’lmi Muqalat, 1/251}

Yahya bin Moin said

و كان يدلس

And He (Sufian) did Tadlees

{al-Jarh wa al-Ta’deel, 4/325; and Its Chain is Authentic……..al-Kafayat by Khateeb, p. 361; and its Chain is Authentic}

Sufian’s student, Abu A’sim al-Nabeel said

نري ان سفيان الثوري انما دلسه عن ابو حنيفة

Sufian al-Thori did Tadlees from Abu Hanifa

{Sunan Darqutni, 3/201, Hadeeth 3423}

Bukhari writes 

اعلم الناس بالثوري يحيي بن سعيد لانه عرف صحيح حديثه من تدليسه

The one who knows the most about Thori is Yahya bin Sa’eed as he is aware of His Saheeh Hadeeth from the one having Tadlees

{al Kamil Ibn Addi, 1/111; Its chain is authentic/Saheeh}

Narrations of Yahya al-Qatan from Thori are considered to be on Hearing (i.e, He heared narrations from him). {See Noor-ul-Ai’neen, 2nd Ed., p. 124}

Ali ibn Madaini writes

والناس يحتاجون في حديث سفيان الئ يحيي القطان لحال الاخبار يعني علي: ان سفيان كان يدلس و ان يحيي القطان يوقفه على ما سمع مما لم يسمع

People are dependent on Yahya al-Qatan in narrations of Sufian because Yahya al-Qatan would narrate only those narrations which were on basis of Hearing 

{al-Kafayat, p. 362; Its chain is Saheeh}

For other Narrations, please read Noor-ul-Ai’neen and I’lmi Muqalat, 1/251. 

Nutshell is, that there is consensus on Tadlees of Sufian al-Thori


Now, let us refer to Zubair Ali Zai’s I’lmi Muqalat, 1/251; and We find


Abbas bin Mohammad al-Dori says

……….نا ابو عاصم عن سفيان عن عاصم عن ابي رزين عن ابن عباس في المرتدة ترتد قال: تستحيا 

قال ابو عاصم: نري ان سفيان الثوري انما دلسه عن ابو حنيفة فكتبتهما جمعيا

Abu A’sim Narrated to us with the Chain 

Sufian >>> Asim>>>Abu Rizin>>>Ibn Abbas 

About Murtad that He be kept alive…….

Abu Asim said that We saw Sufian al-Thori doing Tadlees from Abu Hanifa, so We wrote both of them

{Sunan Dar Qutni, 3/201, Narration 3423; Chain is Authentic/Saheeh till al-Doori}

This Narration is present with the chain mentioned above { عن عاصم عن ابي رزين عن ابن عباس } in Musanif Abdul Razaq, 10/177, Narration 18731 & Sunan Darqutni 3/201

Abu Asim says

بلغني ان سفيان سمعه من ابو حنيفة اؤ بلغه عن  ابو حنيفة

I got the news that Sufian heard it from Abu Hanifa or that He got it from Abu Hanifa

{al-Ma’raifat wa al-Tareekh, faswi, 3/14; and its Chain is Saheeh}

The statement of Abu Asim is also verified by other statement from another student of Sufian, Abdur Rehman bin Mahdi

سالت سفيان عن حديث عاصم في المرتدة? فقال: اما من ثقة فلا

I asked Sufian about Hadeeth of Asim regarding Murtad? So He said: it is not narrated from Thiqa

One of the narrators of the Chain, Ibn Abi Khethma says

و كان ابو حنيفة يروي حديث  المرتدة عن عاصم 

And Abu Hanifa narrates Hadeeth of Murtad from Asim

{al-Intiqa ibn Abdul Bar, p. 148-149; Its Chain is Saheeh}

This narration is present with different Chain in the following books

  1. al Maarifat wa al Tareekh, 3/14
  2. al Du’afa by Uqeeli, 4/284
  3. al Kamil by Ibn Addi, 7/2472
  4. Sunan Kubra by Behqi, 8/203
  5. Tareekh Baghdaad, 13/446
  6. Maarifat al I’llal wa Rijal by Abdullah bin Ahmad from Father, 2/143


Yahya bin Moin says

كان الثوري يعيب على  ابو حنيفة حديثا كان يرويه و لم يروه غير- يرويه  عن عاصم عن ابي رزين 

Thori criticized Abu Hanifa in His narration which He narrated and none other, which is from Asim from Abu Rizin

{Sunan Darqutni, 3/200; and Chain is Saheeh till Yahya bin Moin}

Please note that Yahya  bin Moin did not meet Sufian

This narration of Abu Hanifa from Asim is present in the following books

  1. Sunan Darqutni 3/201
  2. Kamil ibn Addi, 7/2472
  3. Sunan kubra by Behqi, 8/203

And Shafa’i hinted to it in Kitab-ul-Am, 6/167


IN short, Tadlees of Sufian al-Thori is proven in this Narration



Please keep in mind that I had to type Arabic, which I am not good in. So please accept my apology if I have made any mistake


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