Nawasib try to defend Yazeed by saying that He has been forgiven due to His participation in battle of Qastantunia.

Let me share the opinion of Salafi Scholar, Zubair Ali Zai. He wrote in his book, Fatawa I’lmia al-Ma’roof Taudeeh ul Ahkam, 2/484, which I presented in Urdu LINK

Here I translate it into English

He says

Holy Prophet (asws) said in Saheeh Bukhari that 
اول جیش من امتی یغزون مدینۃ قیصر مغفور لھم 

The first army of My Nation which will attack the city of Qaiser (Qastantunia), is forgiven

This Authentic Narration tells us that there will be many attacks on Qastantunia, and Those in the first one, are the ones mentioned in This Narration. As per Our Research, following major attacks took place on Qastantunia. 

1- Attack of Sufian bin A’uf (al-Isaba, 2/56). It took place around 48 Hijri (Mohadarat al-Ummam al-Islamia, 2/114)

2- Attack of Mawia bin Abu Sufian in 32 Hijri. (al-Bidaya, 7/166)

3- Abdur Rehman bin Khalid bin Walid’s attack (Sunan Abi Daood, 2512; Its chain is Authentic)

Abdur Rehman died in Year 46 Hijri (al-Bidaya, 8/32)

In Era of Mawia, attackes of Summers and Winters on Qastantunia started from Sha’ban 48 Hijri to Rabi’i-ul-Thani 52 Hijri, and were about 16. Abu Ayub Ansari did in The last one; and Yazeed was present in this one. 

This detail tells us that Yazeed was not present in the first one, and so is not included in the “Forgiveness”


Zubair Ali Zai has talked about this issue in detail in His book named: Tehqeeqi,Islahi aur Ilmi Muqalat, 1/305. Those interested in more detail, should refer to that