I have discussed opinion of Deobandi Scholar, Yousaf Ludhianvi, in Urdu language, which can be read HERE. I am Translating it into English

Yousaf Ludhianvi was asked a Question in his book, Aap ke Masail Aur Unka Hal, 10/52-55, the summary of which is

Please explain that


In book, Tareekh al-Madina-tul-Munawwara, compiled by ‘Abdul Ma’bood, He writes that the part of Earth which is Touching the Holy Body of Prophet (asws), it is superior to Mecca, rather Ka’aba. 7 skies be apart, it is superior to Arsh/Throne

He replied


 The issue which has been discussed in this book, It is almost Agreed upon/Ijma’a. The reason is very clear that Prophet is the best of Creation. Nothing is Superior to Him, and in a Narration, it is said that Man is buried in Soil from which He is created. So the Soil in which He is buried, He is created from that. And that He is the Best of Creation, so that Soil is also best of all Creation

Apart from that, That part of Earth which is having the Honour of Touching the Body of Prophet, it is also having this honour of Touching which none other is sharing. 

Your statement is correct that “First is Allah, then is Prophet”; but We are not making a comparison between Allah and Prophet, rather betwwen Prophet and Other creation. Be it Ka’aba, Arsh, Chair, these are all creation. And He is greater than All. And that Soil is having this honour that it is touching Him, and this honour is not shared by Ka’aba, Arsh, Chair.

And if this comes to mind, that these are attributed to Allah, and the soil of Grave is attributed to Prophet, so these should be superior. The reply is: The soil is touching Holy Prophet (asws) while these things are not touching Allah. Allah is free of that.