Salafis take the words of Quran in literal meaning, especially which speak of Allah having body part, or moving. Let us see Imam Ahmad explaining the verse 22 of Surat Fajr, which Speaks of Allah coming

Ibn Katheer writes in al-Bidaya,10/361

 وروى البيهقي عن الحاكم عن أبي عمرو بن السماك عن حنبل أن أحمد بن حنبل تأول قول الله تعالى: (وجاء ربك) [الفجر: 22] أنه جاء ثوابه. ثم قال البيهقي: وهذا إسناد لا غبار عليه.
And Behqi narrated from Ahmad bin Hanbal when He was explaining the Saying of Allah ( and Your Lord will come) that it means His Reward will come. Behqi says that there is no issue with the Chain


I have presented this reference in Urdu, which can be read HERE