Mahmood Ghazi writes in his Muhazirat Hadeeth, p. 70


Those Fuqaha who are of initial times, due to whom Fiqh got its shape, They were all Scholars of Hadeeth. Imam Malik was a Scholar of Hadeeth, Ahmad bin Hanbal was Scholar of Hadeeth, Imam Auzai was Scholar of Hadeeth. Imam Abu Ja’far Tibri was Scholar of Hadeeth, Sufian Thori and Sufian ibn Ainiyya were Scholars of Hadeeth. These all were those people due to whom different Sects of Fiqh originated. This is because they thought over Hadeeth with a view that which rulings can be deduced from it. Those who pondered on Hadeeth to find out rulings of Aqaid, like Hasan Basri and others like him, They formulated I’lm-ul-Kalam. And those who pondered over it to find rulings of Fiqh, they pioneered Fiqh


Where is Beloved of Hanafis——–Imam Azam Abu Hanifa in this discussion :p