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Let me share research of Two Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah, Molvi Zafar Iqbal, and Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi


Urdu translator of Musnad Ahmad, Molvi Zafar Iqbal, writes in Preface of the book, 1/16

So Imam Ahmad’s son, Abdullah, who was His Heir and himself a Great Scholar of Hadeeth, and there are additions in This book from Him

And then on 1/20; He gives a Heading

Has Musnad, been authored by Ahmad bin Hanbal or His son?

And in it, He writes

And sometimes One feels that May be Imam Ahmad made His son do this, that is why there are so many “Additions”. And Scholar of the class of Dhabi even got This Feeling, and so He writes in His Renowned book, Sair A’laam Nabala, 13/552, that Neither it was written nor arranged by Ahmad bin Hanbal, nor even edited, rather truth is that He would Narrate in front of His son, and tell him to Put it in so and so Chapter. And therefore, Dhabi counted this book as authored by Abdullah bin Ahmad.

Let us now turn our attention to what Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi wrote in Muhazirat Hadeeth, p. 384;

When Ahmad bin Hanbal died, His son, Abdullah, who was His student and Himself a Great Scholar, He completed This book. He added approximately 10,000 Narrations, and These are divided into five types. One is that which Abdullah heard from His father. So It is of the same Authenticity as are the actual Narrations. As regards to 4 Other types, Scholars of Hadeeth have different opinions about them. Some of these Narrations are those which He got from Other Teachers, He added those. Then there was a companion of Abdullah, He was famous by Name of Qati’ei. He added some Narrations. His Narrations are of less value……..

This copy of Musnad Ahmad, which We have today, it consists of about 40,000 Narrations, and about 30,000 of these are written by Ahmad, and 10,000 have been added by Abdullah. 

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