We have already mentioned a Narration from Saheeh Bukhari where in Bukhari distorted the text regarding  Anal intercourse which was mentioned by Ishaq ibn Rahwia. That post can be read HERE


Let us Show You How Nawasib tried to deceive Readers again.


They start by writing

In this article, ShiaPen briefly quote a narration where in which Al-Bukhari has documented a narration but has purposefully left out the last word. ShiaPen argue that this is a case of distortion and that Al-Bukhari wanted to hide the text from readers since it promoted sodomy.


Now, They write & write with the hope that Readers would somehow, be fooled by their article. But interestingly they also write in the same very article


So, why did Al-Bukhari not include the narration in its complete form?
The reason is because of Al-Bukhari’s doubt in the authenticity of these words to Ibn `Umar.


After reading this, There are only Two options: Either Authors of This article are fool OR They think that those who are reading This Article are fools


OK, Please read the conclusion of Their Article as well. They write the last sentence of This article that


It was due to this that he left the last word in the narration as blank.


So, These Nasibis are actually ACCEPTING that Bukhari  LEFT the words, which in essence is DISTORTION

They may make 100,000 Reasons for  Him doing that.

But BUKHARI did Tehreef

And Nasibis are accepting it