Nawasib tried to respond to my article on Killing Mawia when He is seen on pulpit. I had presented Some Narrations in this regard quite long ago, with Different chains. And I had written quite Clearly if there was any weakness in those Chains. It was too the extent that Nawasib also accepted it, and said

We at are thinking of hiring SoA since he is doing such a good job weakening fabrications and saving us the trouble of doing so.

Now, They responded to one of the Narrations I had mentioned, which can be seen HERE, and said

And they wrote

SoA provides biographical information for each and every one of the narrations in the list. However, he does not provide any information about the most important source, the author of Ansab Al-Ashraf, Al-Baladhuri himself.

And They wrote

And thus the author of this book al-Baladhuri is weak and so is his chain.

So, We see that They did not object to Any of the Narrators, the only issue raised was regarding Author

Now, Let me Show Hypocrisy of Nawasib to Our readers.

On another Nasibi Website, We find a Nasibi trying to defend Yazeed, and He mentions a Narration from This same very book, Ansaab-ul-Ashraaf, which states that Imam Hussein asws told Yazeedi troops to let him go to Yazeed, so that He can give His hand in hands of Yazeed (means Bay’at). Let me copy paste Arabic text which that Nasibi mentioned, Keep in mind that This Nasibi is a Salafi Scholar from India, as can be known from Other posts on that site. He mentions

حدثنا سعدويه، حدثنا عباد بْن العوام، حَدَّثَنِي حصین، حَدَّثَنِي هلال بن إساف قال:أمر ابن زياد فأخذ مَا بين واقصة، إِلَى طريق الشَّام إِلَى طريق الْبَصْرَة، فلا يترك أحد يلج وَلا يخرج، فانطلق الْحُسَيْن: يسير نحو طريق الشَّام يريد يزيد بْن مُعَاوِيَة فتلقته الخيول فنزل كربلاء، وَكَانَ فيمن بعث إِلَيْهِ عمر ابن سعد بن أبي وقاص، وشمر ابن ذي الجوشن، وحصين بْن نمير، فناشدهم الْحُسَيْن أن يسيروه إِلَى يزيد فيضع يده فِي يده فأبوا إِلا حكم ابْن زياد.[أنساب الأشراف للبلاذري: 3/ 173 واسنادہ صحیح

I have given red color to Ansaab ul Ashraaf, and Blue to where He termed the Chain Saheeh/Authentic

He further says regarding the Chain

یہ روایت بالکل صحیح ہے بلکہ صحیح مسلم کی شرط پرصحیح ہے ۔
اس کے سارے رجال بخاری ومسلم سمیت سنن اربعہ کے رجال میں ہیں ، البتہ ہلال بن یساف کی روایت بخاری میں تعلیقا ہے اگرامام بخاری رحمہ اللہ نے ان سے بھی اصول میں روایت کیا ہوتا تو یہ روایت بخاری ومسلم دونوں کے شرط پرصحیح ہوتی ، پھر بھی یہ روایت مسلم کی شرط پرصحیح ہے۔

This Chain is Authentic, rather Authentic on terms set by Muslim. Its Narrators are that of Bukhari and Muslim and other books, except Halal bin Yasaf, whose Narrations where mentioned by Bukhari in Taleeq, Had Bukhari mentioned His Narratios in Usool, then it would have been Authentic on terms of Bukhari and Muslim, Still it is Authentic on terms set by Muslim

Great! On terms set by Muslim…………

Then He gave His details for authenticating the Author, when He was asked. And He replied that

امام بلاذری رحمہ اللہ بلاشک وشبہ ثقہ ہیں

Imam Baladari ( ) is Thiqa without a doubt

I will not be going in the details of What That Nasibi Salafi Scholar said, as it would lengthen my article.

But Dear Readers! Did You see the Hypocrisy of Nasibis………

The one who are defending Mawia……………..They say that Baladari is Weak

And Those who are defending Yazeed…………..They use the same book, and shout a loud that He is Thiqa for sure

But there are people in the Nasibi world who accept Baladari & His Book