Just Today, I saw a few articles where a Nasibi website tried to respond to My Articles

What made Me surprise was, that When I read those Articles present on their Front Page, I found that in most of them, They either accepted my Point of view, or started giving their own Explanations which had nothing to do with what I had written, or even deceived People. If this is How One responds, I must say: Great Responses

But What I personally feel is: That They were just trying to write anything………I repeat Anything, so that they can jump around and say:

Wow! We refuted Him so many times

Let us see a few of these Responses, and Then it is up to you people to decide if I am correct or not

In order to respond to my Article regarding the opinion of Great Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah regarding absence of Saheeh Hadeeth about Mawia, which can be read on This LINK, They did not refute, rather went on to say

There is no shred of doubt that the scholars of Ahl Al-Sunnah want to find narrations in praise of Mu’awiyah. If the Hadith sciences were as fragile as the Orientalists want us to believe, then we would have found tons of authentic narrations in praise of Mu’awiyah.However, it is due to the rigidity of the sciences, that these narrations could not survive in the eyes of the objective Sunni scholars, for the vast majority of those Hadiths were immediately broken down as blunt fabrications of extreme Nawasib.

You can easily see them agreeing to the fact accepted by their greats.

Then They tried to respond to My other Article where in I mentioned a few chains regarding The Narration regarding Killing Mawia when He is on Pulpit. And They could not write a single word to say that I was lying or deceiving by saying The Narration to be Authentic, rather They gave me a complement by saying

We at TwelverShia.net are thinking of hiring SoA since he is doing such a good job weakening fabrications and saving us the trouble of doing so.

Thank You very Much…………………..This is the difference between Me and You People……………..You would even hide behind Weak Narrators to Prove Your point…………….I simple mentioned Chains, and told My readers what is the Weak link

Then They tried to respond to my article, named: Infallibility, as per Sahih Bukhari

And You can see my post on the Link given. They start writing and writing, and finally write

So as we can see, the topic has nothing to do with the Shia concept of infallibility.

Are These people on Drugs????

As I said before:-“They either accepted my Point of view, or started giving their own Explanations which had nothing to do with what I had written

When on Earth did I say that This has something to do with Shi’ite concept of Infallibility? Is the Title not clear to You???

Then They went on to deceive People, and said regarding a Post present on my blog, named Fabricated Hadeeth of Sahih  Bukhari?

And they write

The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: “Fabricated Hadeeth of Sahih  Bukhari?” The article can be found here.

SoA, quoting Ibn Hazm, provides the following:

this is a broken chain, and it is not connected between bukhari and sadaqa bin khalid, nothing is sahih in this chapter and everything is fabricated
[ al mohali, vol 9, page 59]

Really? I was quoting Ibn Hazm???

I repeat: Are You People on Drugs? You cannot be blind for sure, else How would You write. Or You people just wanted to write something to refute me so that You can dance around.

I wrote in the very beginning of the Article, Which Readers can see on my Blog

[ this is basically work of brother syed hasni, i have translated it to english, his work can be seen here]

ibn hazm says in his al-mohalli

I had clarified in the start, that It was work of Brother Syed Hasni, I just translated it. I have no clue Why You People tried to hide it from Your Readers. I guess it may be so that You can jump around and say: Woooow ! We responded to Slave of Ahlubait

So, it was work of Brother Syed Hasni who quoted it from Ibn Hazm, as to what Ibn Hazm thought of Authenticity of Saheeh Bukhari.

So Please correct Your wordings that You are either responding to Syed Hasni OR to Ibn Hazm

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