Let me Translate work of Brother Nasir Hussein found HERE, & work of Brother Shoaib ibn Salih.

Ibn Khaldoon mentioned in His Muqaddima, that

وشذ أهل البيت بمذاهب ابتدعوها وفقه انفردوا به وبنوه على مذهبهم في تناول بعض الصحابة بالقدح وعلى قولهم بعصمة الأئمة ورفع الخلاف عن أقوالهم وهي كلها أصول واهية وشذ 

And the Ahlulbayt invented some Madhabs and they themselves came up with their own jurisprudence (Fiqh). They based it upon the abuse of some of the Sahabah, saying that Imams are infallible and the differences in their statements. All these are futile principles.

It is present in version Published by Different Publishers.

For example. The version Published by Dar-ul-Fikr, Beirut, 1408; can be seen on having mentioned it like this on 1/564. Here is the Link

And version Published by Dar-ul-Kitab Beirut,page 799; as shown by Scans below

However, The words were changed in Version Published by Dar-ul-A’qeeda, And they added the Word Shia before Ahlubait

وشذ شيعة أهل البيت بمذاهب ابتدعوها

So Changing the responsibility from Ahlubait to Their Shias.

Please see Scans from  The versions without Tehreef