Recently, this Nasibi website tried to target me. And the interesting thing they did was, that they tried to reply to those posts of mine which were written long ago, and did not try to reply to those posts of Mine which I had written recently about this very Website. For example, One of Shia Website wrote an article on Bukhari’s attempt to defend an Alcohol selling Sahabi. The Nasibi website tried to defend that. And in doing that, they tried to deceive People as usual.

When I saw That Article of These Nasibis, I pointed out The Weakness in Their Argument, and wrote an Article on March 5th, 2014, which can be read on This LINK

Now, rather than replying to The Question I had raised in this post, They tried to target an article I wrote on April 20th, 2010. They wrote Their Article on March 12th, 2014 I guess that All They want to do is, to write more and more, so that they can jump around and say:

We have refuted Slave of Ahlubait so many times.


Otherwise I have no clue as to why They did not respond to Questions I raised around a Week ago, and try to Target an article on Same subject written Years ago.

As for the Article They wrote, They said

In short, Al-Bukhari has narrated this tradition along with another scholar of his time, Abu Bakr Mohammad bin Abi Khalid Al-Sawma’ee Al-Tabari, which therefore means that Al-Bukhari did not err in this narration, nor did he tamper with it.

Let me Explain that again, though I had written it earlier as well. See Link

Main Issue is, that Humaidi was a Trustworthy & Great Scholar. He was Sheikh of Bukhari, and Wrote his own book in form of MUSNAD

Now, He narrated a Narration in His Musnad in which He DID mention the Name of Sahabi

Bukhari took Narration from Him, and Skipped the Name

These Nasibi are trying to Prove that al-Sawma’ee ( whose Trustworthiness is still not proven as these Nasibis did not show it till this time, though I asked them in recent Post) also took it from Humaidi, and Name of Sahabi is Skipped in that as well, Thus , it was Humaidi in view of Nasibis, who was a Sunni Great by the way, who narrated it in different forms. So it means They are willing to Sacrifice Humaidi, who WROTE it in his Musnad, to defend Bukhari, in whose book it is Skipped.

The Question is: Is it proven that al-Sawma’ee is Trustworthy?

That is Why I had written in the Last Article. (Note that Italics represent Nasibis statement I copy pasted)

Similarly, we can also be sure that Al-Humaydi has narrated both versions too, since we find in Al-Sawma`ee’s narration from Al-Humaydi in Mustakhraj Abi `Awanah 3/106 that he refers to the person that sold the alcohol as “Fulan” (so and so), so he never specified.


We ask these Nasibis:

How can You be sure by Narration of Mohammad bin Abi Khalid Al-Sawamaee’s Narration?

Is He himself Trustworthy? 

All They could write This time, is:-

Al-Thahabi has a biography in Tareekh Al-Islam of the latter. However, he has named him Abu Bakr Mohammad bin Khalid Al-Sawma’ee Al-Tabari accidentally.

And Does that Mean He is Trustworthy????

I mean it is good that You People consulted Books, But that does not solve the Issue. His statement does not hold any Ground.