Nasibi website continues to target Me, and in doing that, They are lying Quite openly. I have no clue whether Their followers are noticing it, or not. On 16th of March, 2014; I had written in My response to One of their articles written against me, that

Really? I was quoting Ibn Hazm???

I repeat: Are You People on Drugs? You cannot be blind for sure, else How would You write. Or You people just wanted to write something to refute me so that You can dance around.

I wrote in the very beginning of the Article, Which Readers can see on my Blog

[ this is basically work of brother syed hasni, i have translated it to english, his work can be seen here]

ibn hazm says in his al-mohalli

I had clarified in the start, that It was work of Brother Syed Hasni, I just translated it. I have no clue Why You People tried to hide it from Your Readers. I guess it may be so that You can jump around and say: Woooow ! We responded to Slave of Ahlubait

So, it was work of Brother Syed Hasni who quoted it from Ibn Hazm, as to what Ibn Hazm thought of Authenticity of Saheeh Bukhari.

So Please correct Your wordings that You are either responding to Syed Hasni OR to Ibn Hazm

As I had clarified over there that I had Just translated His work, and It was no My work.

But Nawasib continue with their Deception, trying to Quote me instead, for what is written by Others; and I had just translated it.


Despite telling them on 16th of March, They wrote an article on 17th, March, and They said again

The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article: “The Only Hadeeth in Glory of Muawiah in Sihah-e-Sitta.” The article can be found here.

In this article, SoA quotes the narration in praise of Mu’awiyah. 

I am really surprised if Someone become So Dishonest.


If You see the Article on my Blog, My opening sentence was:-

{this is urdu article by brother syed hasni, i am translating it into english}

And My Last sentence was:-

{please keep in mind that i have skipped many things mentioned by brother syed hasni, see the  link given above for that , though it is in urdu}

So I told Readers in start that I was translating Syed Hasni’s work to English, and in the End, I told Readers again, that I had skipped many things, so that People dont get deceived that I have translated all of the Article.

This is because I wanted to be Honest to the Readers. But Nawasib have no Such word in Their Dictionary. They rather include the word Deception, in place of Honesty.

So They write, while abbreviating my Name is SoA, on different occasions

SoA provides three reasons to reject the hadith…….

SoA left out…..

SoA add that:…….

SoA also claims that:…..


Honestly, This is Pure Deception