Nawasib have tried to respond to My article titled: Bukhari Narrating Hadeeth in Short Form Due to Love for Bani Umayyah?” 

I would like to avail the opportunity to Highlight the Deception of Nasibi website. They write

SoA uses this second narration in order to make it seem that Al-Bukhari’s biased caused him to shorten the hadith. 

Now Please Keep in mind that Nasibi website is Portraying as if It is Me who is saying that Bukhari has shortened the Narration, and That is very very wrong. Please refer to the article, and You will find that in start,I had mentioned Narration of Bukhari, then I wrote

The narration is telling us that Abdur Rehman said something so harsh that led Marwan to order that He be arrested.

What was that?

It is not mentioned in Saheeh Bukhari

Ibn Hajar writes upon this in His Fath-ul-Bari, 8/577; that

قَالَ بَعْضُ الشُّرَّاحِ وَقَدِ اخْتَصَرَهُ فَأَفْسَدَهُ

Some of Commentators said that He shortened it, and corrupted.

So, it can be seen clearly, that it was Not ME, rather some commentators who said that.

At that time, I wanted that Readers may also know the details mentioned in ANOTHER NARRATION. And I presented an authentic Narration so that they know what happened. And that is why the sequence of Article was: I first mentioned Narration of Bukhari, then saying of Commentators who charged Bukhari of shortening it, and Then detail of incident.

I clarified that it was “Another Narration”. My Exact words were

This is the detail as mentioned in another Narration

And some Commentators of Bukhari said that Bukhari shortened it.

So, Their whole huge story of writing that

However, Al-Albani himself responded, “What is the point of this response since he knows that the addition is authentic in its chain and that it came from a path that is different from the path of Al-Bukhari?!”

In other words, Al-Albani is not accusing Al-Bukhari for the different wordings, but rather is saying that this narration comes through a completely different route, which is completely correct. The narration of Al-Bukhari comes through Yusuf bin Mahak, while the narration of Ibn Abi Hatim from Abdullah Al-Bahee. So, these are two narrations from two different people about a single event.

What was the Reason for writing this All? Especially When I already had mentioned that detail was given from Another Narration.

and The Charge of shortening  was by Commentators, Not Me

They should have mentioned that. Why they portrayed Me? I have no clue Why They tried to Deceive Readers by Hiding it. Why did They not mentioned anything about Those commentators? They should have mentioned and written against them, it is their Right, but This is very bad that They take them out, and put me in the Spot Light.

Please Keep in mind that the Underlined part where Nawasib quoted Albany’s opinion, Here Sheikh Albany is targeting Other Sunni Greats including Hafiz Ibn Hajar for defending Hakam. You can read it on this LINK 

This is pretty interesting because Nawasib are actually pointing to the statement of Albany where He was showing Bias of other Sunni Greats…………….