Those who observe things keenly, would have observed that Nawasib use I’lm-ur-Rijal as a tool. Now, if there is a Narrator who has some criticism, And He in unfortunate enough to be a Narrator in a Narration which does not Suit the Desires of Nasibis, He is doomed. These Nawasib will attack him, and Weaken that very Narration.

Narrators apart, Nawasib wont even care about What Great Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah say about Such Narrators, or How They grade Narrations of that Person. If Narration goes against Nasibi agenda, Even if it is Authenticated by Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah, These Nasibis will Attack it.

For Example, I mentioned a Narration authenticated by Tirmidhi and Sheikh Albany, which can be read HERE.; and Of course, it was against Nasibi agenda, So they took out Their swords, and attacked One of The Narrators, and said:-

The second problem is that this narration comes from the path of Hashraj bin Nubata. Even though his narration is too bad, but he has been weakened or slightly weakened by Abu Hatim, Al-Nasa’ee, Ibn Adi, Al-Saji, Al-Bukhari, and Ibn Hibban. He has been strengthened by some scholars like Ahmad and Yahya too.

As can be seen, His Narration are portrayed as TOO BAD, and it is shown that He is quite Weak, as many scholars are mentioned who criticised him.

But I told You before that His Narration has been termed Hasan by Tirmidhi, Albany did not object to it, and Even Sheikh Shoaib al-Arnawut termed His Chains Hasan/Good in Musnad Ahmad, 36/256, and termed Him Sudooq/Truthful. Sheikh Hamza Ahmad Zain termed His Chain Saheeh/Authentic in His Research upon Musnad Ahmad, 16/139

But does it matter to Nawasib? Of course NOT…………… Narration and These Scholars are NOT speaking in accordance with Nasibi Agenda

For them

his narration is too bad