Nawasib responded to one of my articles, where in I had mentioned that Narration present in Shia books about Prophet (asws) prohibiting Muta’a on Day of Khaybar is weak. My Article can be read HERE

Now, I am absolutely speechless as to what are these guys upto? They had replied to One of my posts regarding Muta’a, and presented the narration being mentioned here, in that one too. I had explained the weakness of Above narration there, and had written

Is it not True that Sheikh Tusi had termed the Narration Shadh (هذه الرواية الشاذة ), in the same very book Nasibis mentioned, just a couple of lines Ahead?

Are These People Not Aware that Shadh Narration is actually a Type of Weak Narration, as has been mentined by Dr Mahmood Taihan in His Taisar Mustalah-ul-Hadeeth,(Urdu version) p. 112

It is known that Shadh is a Rejected, and Not Accepted Narration

You can see it HERE

But they tried to confuse people about Shadh Narration, so Let me explain it in detail This time.

Dr Mahmood Tehan writes in His book, Taiser Mustalah-ul-Hadeeth, p. 90

“Meaning of Shadh is Unique, that is, He is unique than Jamhoor/Majority

And Technically it means what is Narrated by Accepted/Maqbool narrator and which opposes those who are better than Him

And Maqbool means that He is Just/Adil and His Dabt (defined later) is fine, or that He is Just and there is weakness in His Dabt; and “those who are better than him” mean that they are better in Dabt, or they are more in number, or other reasons for being given preference are there

Then He defined the word Justice and Dabt on p. 111, that

Justice means He is Muslim, Adult, intellectual, protected from sources of sin etc; while Dabt means He should not be opposing other Trustworthy narrators, He should not be having bad memory, He should not make blunders, He should not hallucinate/confuse a lot

Same wise, we find on

فالحديث الشاذ هو الحديث الذي يرويه الثقة ويخالف فيه الرواة الثقات

Shadh Hadeeth is one, which is Narrated by Trustworthy Narrator, but it opposes other trustworthy Narrators.


And Is Shadh an Authentic Narration? Dr Tehan replies on p. 91 that

Shadh is a Rejected Hadeeth

Same wise, Sultan Mahmood Muhadith JalalPori writes in His book, Istilahaat-ul-Mohadatheen, p. 13; under Heading of “Types of Daif/Weak Narrations due to Lack of Dabt, Hallucinations, or opposition of Narrators

So He is talking of Daif Narrations, and the first Name he includes is, Shadh. And he writes

The Narration whose Narrator is himself Thiqa/trustworthy, but is opposing either someone who is more trustworthy or More Narrators

So I ask These Nasibis:- For once, Say that Shadh Narration is included in Saheeh Hadeeth/Authentic Narration……….

And If you cant, please dont deceive People by playing with words.