One of the Nasibi website seems quite interested in my Blog. In their post on 30th July, 2014, They tried to Target a post published on 8th Nov, 201o.

I have no issues with that, IF they dont try to deceive Readers.

I have pointed to This fact before, that If I have translated someone’s work, or shared it, it does not become MY work.

But This Nasibi website tries to deceive people by saying that We are responding to Slave of Ahlubait’s Article. 

Let me share some Occasions When I had highlighted This fact. For example See these two Links:- LINK 1 . LINK 2

I have no idea as to why are they trying to do this. May be, they want to portray to their Readers as if they are responding to Me.

In one of their articles, which I have pointed to in the beginning, they did this again. They wrote

The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: “Who Poisoned Imam Hasan asws?” The article can be found here.

SoA, in this article, simply quotes the opinions of scholars that held the opinion that Mu’awiyah poisoned Al-Hasan.

If you visit the LINK They had given, I clearly wrote in the End

[article translated from work of hasan molai]

I really wish that they stop This deception. They want to respond to other’s articles present on my Blog:- Most Welcome.

But Mention Their Name. Not Mine.