Nasibi Website replied to one of my post, which can be seen HERE

They wrote

Ibn Umar saw it as permissible to touch slave girls (not directly, but with clothes as a separation) in order to inspect if they meet his requirements.

Really, He would inspect if they meet HIS requirements only?? Let us see another Narration

Abdur Razaq writes in His Musanif

رقم الحديث: 12836
(حديث موقوف) عن عن معمر ، عن عمرو بن دينار ، عن مجاهد ، قال : ” مر ابن عمر على قوم يبتاعون جارية ، فلما رأوه وهم يقلبونها ، أمسكوا عن ذلك ، فجاءهم ابن عمر ، فكشف عن ساقها ، ثم دفع في صدرها ، وقال : اشتروا ” ، قال معمر ، وأخبرني ابن أبي نجيح ، عن مجاهد ، قال : وضع ابن عمر يده بين ثدييها ، ثم هزها .

Mau’mar>>Amr bin Denar>>Mujahid, who said:

Ibn Umar passed by some people who were busy in buying slave girls, When they saw Ibn Umar, they stopped from that. Ibn Umar came to them and exposed thighs of that slave girl, and placed his hand on her chest and then said buy her.

and Mu’mar>> Ibn Abi Najeeh>>Mujahid, who said: Ibn Umar placed the hand between breast and shook them

It is very much clear from this Narration that He was not buying for himself.

Nasibi website further writes

Similar to the above, we find that Ali, the first infallible imam, in an authentic Shia chain, did the same thing:

[Mohammad Al-Baqir narrated from Ali (alaihi al-salam) that when he wanted to buy a slave girl, he would expose her legs and look at her.]

Shia source: Qurb Al-Isnad (p. 103) by Al-Himyari.


Really! it is SAME thing???

Ibn Umar would expose legs, place hand between breast and hips……

and This is SAME to exposing legs only???

Secondly, The Narration They mentioned, it comes in the following manner

[ 23657 ] 4 ـ عبدالله بن جعفر الحميري في ( قرب الإسناد ) عن الحسن بن ظريف ، عن الحسين بن علوان ، عن جعفر ، عن أبيه ، عن علي ( عليهم السلام ) انه كان إذا أراد أن يشتري الجارية يكشف عن ساقيها فينظر إليها

Main Narrator is Hussein bin Alwan, and He is not a Shia Narrator.

Also, There is difference of opinion about trustworthiness of Hussein bin Alwan. I agree that Syed al-Khoi considered Him trustworthy; but Allama Ali Akbar Ghafari wrote in Footnotes of Man la Yahdaral Faqih, 4/ 438, while commenting on chain of Sheikh Sudooq to Zaid bin Ali bin Hussein

(4) زيد بن على بن الحسين بن على عليهم السلام يكنى أبا الحسين كان جليلا ورعا فقيها شهيدا، والحسين بن علوان عامى ولم يوثق، وعمرو بن خالد بترى وثقة ابن فضال وله كتاب كبير، والاصحاب ضعفوا الطريق لمكان الحسين وعمرو.

……Hussein bin Alwan, A’ami and not imparted trustworthiness; and Amro bin Khalid Batri, Ibn Faddal termed Him Trustworthy; and Companions weaken this chain due to presence of Hussein and Amr


But let us take the Narration to be Authentic, Is it saying that You should place hand between breast & hips, and even go shopping for others???


ibn umar