I came across a post where in I saw Nasibi website trying to refute me on a post I had written long ago, You can read That post of mine HERE.

What I personally feel is, that This website just wishes to write more and more about my posts, so that they can jump in front of their followers, and say That they have refuted me on so many times. Where as the reality is, They actually agreed to the fact that Shimr is in deed a narrator. See their words

Furthermore, it isn’t the whole Sunni school that narrated from Shimr, but rather, one man, Abu Ishaaq Al-Sabee’ee, who was, in fact, embarrassed, and didn’t want to even mention the man’s name.

As we can see, They agreed to the point that Abu Ishaq actually took the Narration from him.

Also, Imam Ahmad took Narration, and mentioned Opinion of Sufian which proves that Narration of Abu Ishaq was from Shimr. We find Sheikh Shoaib al-Arnawut giving His opinion in Musnad Ahmad, 25/344

إسناده ضعيف لانقطاعه، أبو إسحاق- وهو عمرو بن عبد الله السبيعي- لم يسمع من ذي الجوشن، وإنما سمعه من ابنِه شمر عنه، نصَّ على ذلك سفيان الثوري في الرواية (15966/2)

Chain is Weak due to Breakage, Abu Ishaq did not hear from Dhil Jaushan, but He heard from His son Shimr. Proof upon this is statement of Sufian mentioned in Narration 2/15966

Now, Imam Ahmad took the Narration of Abu Ishaq (from Shimr) from Dhil Jaushan, despite the fact that He also mentioned opinion of Sufian. This means He was aware of it.

Of course, This should not bother them. Afterall, We also find About Umar ibn Sa’ad in Tehzeeb-ut-Tehzeeb, by Ibn Hajar

قال العجلي كان يروي عن أبيه أحاديث وروى الناس عنه وهو تابعي ثقة وهو الذي قتل الحسين

I’jli said: He narrated from His Father, and People narrated from him. And He is Tabai’i, and Trustworthy. And He is the one who killed Imam al-Hussein

I’jli, One of the Scholars of Jarh-o-Ta’deel, mentions trustworthiness for Umar ibn Sa’ad. And in His view, He killed Imam al-Hussein (asws). He also mentioned that People narrated from him

Ibn Hajar mentions His own opinion in Taqreeb-ut-Tehzeeb

 4903- عمر ابن سعد ابن أبي وقاص المدني نزيل الكوفة صدوق ولكن مقته الناس لكونه كان أميرا على الجيش الذين قتلوا الحسين ابن علي

Umar Ibn Sa’ad, Truthful/Sudooq, but People hated him as He was the leader/chief of Army which killed Imam al-Hussein ibn Ali

But coming to the main point, Nasibi website accepted that Abu Ishaq has narrated from Shimr.