The title of This post has been copy pasted from a Nasibi website, who were trying to write a refutation to my post. This website makes me surprised. I have said this before, and I am repeating that It feels as if they just want to show to the world that they have been refuting me a lot.

I had posted a Narration about Abu Sa’eed, and that Post can be read HERE

They write

taqiyyah is permissible in the eyes of Ahl Al-Sunnah in matters of life and death.

Also, they said

we do not have an issue with such a concept*

*They mean concept of Doing Taqiyya in matters of life and death.

So Why did they post then?

The only reason they wrote their post was, to declare that the Narration regarding Abu Sa’eed is Weak, as the Narrator Bishar bin Harb is weak.

Keep in mind that I am not the one who had termed the Chain Authentic, or Bishar ibn Harb as Truthful but has leniency

Let us see what I had written again

and Last is Bashar bin Harb, and Ibn Hajr said He is truthful though lenient.

 681- بشر ابن حرب الأزدي أبو عمرو الندبي بفتح النون والدال بعدها موحدة بصري صدوق فيه لين من الثالثة مات بعد العشرين ومائة س ق

 Sheikh Hamza Ahmad Zain termed This Chain as Hasan in His research upon Musnad Ahmad, 10/96


However, main thing is their acceptance about Taqiyya being allowed, even though they accepted it for Life and Death.