This is Translation of Word from Brother Velayat. His post is in Turkish language, and can be found HERE

Hur Amili writes in His book, al-Fawaed al-Tusia, p. 367

لا‌ يحضرني‌ ‌إن‌ أحدا ‌من‌ محدثينا رواه‌ ‌في‌ ‌شيء‌ ‌من‌ الكتب‌ المعتمدة ‌نعم‌ نقله‌ ‌بعض‌ المتأخرين‌ ‌من‌ علمائنا ‌في‌ ‌غير‌ كتب‌ الحديث‌ و كأنه‌ ‌من‌ روايات‌ العامة ‌أو‌ موضوعاتهم‌ 

I could not find any such saying in what is Narrated by Our Scholars of Hadeeth in Reliable books. Yes, it is mentioned by some of Our Scholars of Later era in “Books other than that of Hadeeth”. And it is from Narration of Sunnis or their fabrications

He also writes

و يحتمل‌ كونه‌ ‌من‌ روايات‌ الصوفية ‌أو‌ موضوعاتهم‌ لإرادة إثبات‌ ‌ما يدعونه‌ ‌من‌ الكشف‌ 

And there is also a chance that It is amongst the Narrations of Sufia or their fabrications, with the intention that they want to prove Kashaf which they claim

Sheikh Albany also mentions this in His book, Silsila Ahadeeth al-Daefia, 1/679-680. He writes

لا أصل له. باتفاق العلماء، وهو مما يستدل به القاديانية الضالة على بقاء النبوة بعده صلى الله عليه وسلم،

There is not basis for This Narration by agreement of all Scholars. And it is this with what Misguided Qadyanis have argued with, to prove existence of Prophethood after Holy Prophet (asws)