We have already given opinion of Ibn Taimiyyah about This issue, and that can be read HERE

Let us now see opinion of Sheikh Maqbal-ul-Widai’i, a Salafi Scholar from Yemen

He was asked a Question that

Is it allowed for a Muslim man to marry a Jin lady? and samewise for a Muslim woman to Marry a Male Jin?

He replied:-

There is difference of opinion about this as is mentioned in Dameeri’s Hayat-ul-Haiwan. But what is apparent, is that it is allowed. And as regard to the verse of Allah {And amongst His signs is that He created wives from yourselves so that You can live with them in peace and He created love and mercy between you}, This is a blessing that Humans marry humans, and jins marry jins. But there is no religion prohibition that man marry female jin, and a woman marries male jin

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