Some Scholars of AhluSunnah will term Shias Kafir because They believe in Wilayat-e-Takwiniyya. Though interestingly, they also hold a concept similar to this by the Name of al-Tatheer al-Kauni (التاثیر الکونی ) I had written an article on This Subject before, and that can be read HERE.

Let us see What Scholar of AhluSunnah says about Umar, and His Powers. Shams-ud-Deen Sakhawi writes in His book, al-Tohfa tul Latifa fi Tarkeeh Madina al-Shareefa, 2/337

وقد أطاعته العناصر الأربع فإنه كتب لنيل مصر وقد بلغه أن عادته أن لا يوفي إلا ببنت تلقى فيه فقطع الله من كتابه هذه العادة المذمومة والهوىحيث بلغ صوته إلى سارية والتراب حين زلزلت الأرض فضربها بالدرة/فسكنت والنار حيث قال لشخص: أدرك بيتك فقد احترق.

And no doubt, the 4 elements (meaning Air, Fire, Water, Earth) Obeyed Him. So When He wrote to Nile in Egypt, which had the habit of not flowing till it got a girl, Allah stopped this bad act; And Air when it took His voice to Sariya; and Earth when it stopped when there was EarthQuake and He stroke with His stick, and it got quiet; and Fire, when He told a Man: Go to Your House, and it burnt

So, If a Sunni Scholar says this for Umar, then there is no issue

But if a Shia says this for His Imam, He is Mushrik