Sheikh Albany mentions this title in his Silsila Ahadeeth Saheehiyya, 4/329, Narration 1749

1749 – ” أول من يغير سنتي رجل من بني أمية “.

The first man who will change my Sunnah, will be a man from Banu Umayya

And he grades the chain in this way

هذا إسناد حسن، رجاله ثقات رجال الشيخين غير المهاجر

This chain is Hasan, Narrators are all Trustworthy and that of Sheikhain (Bukhari and Muslim) except for al-Mohajir

Sheikh Albany gives his opinion and states

ولعل المراد

بالحديث تغيير نظام اختيار الخليفة، وجعله وراثة.

May be this narration means that they will change the way of choosing of Caliph, and make it heritage

Let us see another narration. It is from Tareekh Damishq, Ibn Asaakar, 65/349-350

أخبرنا أبو سهل محمد بن إبراهيم أنا أبو الفضل الرازي أنا جعفر بن عبد الله نا

محمد بن هارون نا محمد بن بشار نا عبد الوهاب نا عوف  ثنا مهاجر أبو مخلد حدثني أبو العالية حدثني أبو مسلم قال غزا يزيد بن أبي سفيان بالناس فغنموا فوقعت جارية نفيسة في سهم رجل فاغتصبها يزيد فأتى الرجل أبا ذر فاستعان  به عليه فقال له رد على الرجل جاريته فتلكأ عليه ثلاثا فقال إني فعلت ذاك لقد سمعت رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وسلم) يقول أول من يبدل سنتي رجل من بني أمية يقال له يزيد فقال له يزيد بن أبي سفيان نشدتك بالله أنا منهم قال لا قال فرد على الرجل جاريته

Abu Muslim says that Yazeed bin Abi Sufian participated in a battle with other people, and took a beautiful slave girl from other person’s war booty, so that man came to Abu Dhar, to seek help. Abu Dhar asked him to return the girl, but he refused thrice. Abu Dhar said: for sure I heard Holy Prophet asws saying that the first to change my Sunnah will be a man from Banu Umayya, and he will be called Yazeed. So He said: For sake of Allah! tell me! Am I in that? He replied: No. And He returned that girl.

Sheikh Zubair Ali Zai terms the Chain Hasan in His Tehqeeqi, Islaahi aur I’lmi Muqalat (تحقیقی، اصلاحی اور علمی مقالات ), 6/356-357

Now, we see a person seeking Help from Abu Dhar, and He did not charge that man with Shirk, Rather helped him, And narrated a narration.

Going by opinion of sheikh Albany, it appears to be Muawiyyah, who changed the Sunnah.

And going by opinion of Sheikh Zubair Ali Zai, it is Yazeed.

In either case, the narration has been authenticated by Scholars, and refers to father or son

I am grateful to Brother Khair Talab for this research.